Thrifty Tips For Traveling With The Family

Lebaran is over, but how it feels like to still want a vacation hold well. For which the budget is somewhat, can still vacation. Here there are 10-holiday tips save money but still memorable for your family:

Prepare away days earlier if we had a fairly long vacation plans out of town let alone abroad. Longer preparation time is certainly better. Set aside in the auto debit monthly income from us over time is adjusted with the magnitude of the funds required.

benefit vacation
For the cost of transportation and accommodation, it is best if we can get the promotional packages. Even if there were, the home of relatives or locals and the proprietary apartment can be used as a place to stay. We can save you quite a lot, considering these are costs the most.
Usually, by taking the supplied party vacation package tour travel can be cheaper. But if we want to travel alone, know first the ins and outs of the intended vacation spot. The cost of transportation, accommodation, dining and recreation areas as well as plaques shopping, is becoming the key points to note.
Cermatlah in choosing vacation spots. Search for attractions that are completely unique and nice as well as is typical of the place. Avoid going to the tourist sites and high-cost.
Just as a place to vacation, looking for places to eat/restaurant must comply with the budget is prepared. It is better if we choose a place not far from the place of stay or the last place we’re visiting. In addition to the cost-saving, time-saving anyway.
Shopping venues are not popular is usually cheaper than a crowded shopping tourists. Hunting gift shop and craft items to traditional markets even directly to the place of manufacture manufacturer in addition to a pleasant experience certainly could save our money.
If we have the time, consider the flexibility to travel during “low season”. Can we get an offer that is attractive and inexpensive that can not be obtained during the “high season”?
Don’t forget to always carry a provision such as the bread and drinks of white water in the bag. In addition to feeling better, we also avoid unnecessary spending.
Bring your pocket money in accordance with the budget. And keep the record of all expenses during the trip from beginning to end.
If your current budget did not allow for traveling away, holidays in the city could be an option that is not less interesting. Many alternative vacation spots that are educational for children. Even a home can be fun vacation spots for families. Create the event/activity that had not been done at the family home. That is important, think creatively and feel happy to be the key to being able to enjoy the holidays.
Hopefully, the tips presented can be beneficial to your family

The Ethics Of Facebook Using Facebook With Good And True

Facebook as one of social networking has become an integral part of every person, facebook indirectly into the identity of its users. Often we know the character of the evil people from his Facebook with facebook anyway our relationship with our friends can be the closer or vice versa. Recently there was a news about a brawl of his early youth was caused by mutual bully on facebook, of course, you don’t want to experience similar things is not.
For that, you have to know how to use facebook with good and right so there happen to things that are not desired, and you get a positive impact from facebook. Here’s how to use facebook well and true.

Some Facebook Benefits For Students and Youth
Facebook is an your identity
You should be aware that facebook is the identity you in Login Page cyberspace, it means more people are looking at you out of the facebook account you have. For that, you need to be careful when the status update or comment on the status of the others.

Make status is indeed free as you, but it’s good you update status value is positive so that gives positive spirit against your friends on facebook. Have the status that only contains the status of the complaint merely negative or pitched will only make you seen negative solely as a person who likes to complain only. In addition, avoid bully intensified or friends or other people in your facebook status you because that kind of thing will only aggravate thy friendship with your friends’ tangle of thy own not only in the world of facebook only but also in the real world. If you are upset or have problems with your friend talk to meet directly, because with meet directly to talk about many things that are flexible as compared to using facebook.

Use the comments that build positive not worded negatively worded bully pad each of your friends status or the status of the others. Positively worded comments will be greatly appreciated and liked by the created status.

Sometimes we find the status contains status or questions about an issue, give a comment that is an answer or comment that is a solution to the status of that building, then you would give a positive impact for others, and this is the sort of comment that is highly preferred.

You could also give the criticism through the comments, but use the criticism to build so not vice versa thus remain positive values on a comment you.

Don’t spam, use the fanpage
Janga like spamming with doing spam to other users of facebook you are not favored and will eventually remove it from the list in their friends. Spam on facebook itself largely contains goods daganga or promo sale.

Facebook itself is not banned you for promotional merchandise you but there is a place, if you do want to make a sale through facebook fanpage or page on facebook you that contains various things about the product or item that you are selling. With a status update on the status of you then the fanpage will also terposting on the wall fans or facebook users who like or love the fanpage. The ethical side of you allowed for promotion because by clicking “like” a fanpage of facebook users then allow promotion to their walls.

7 Tips for planning a Frugal Traveling with the family

Traveling with the family no doubt wishes everyone. Especially for you who live in big cities, routine jobs surely will make you tired and saturated. In addition to enjoying a vacation tour, traveling with the family can also be used as the moment approaching family members to each other. But, there are things to think about before you leave for traveling, namely money. Don’t want to right after your vacation, you run out of money? To prevent this, here’s the will inform “7 Tips to plan a Frugal Traveling with the family”.


1. Buy a ticket promo

Many ways to get promo tickets when you buy it, for example, travel fair, early bird promo – promo, or else from the airline.

2. Search accommodation prices

Stay in the budget hotel, service apartment, or guest house. Make sure your chosen lodging guest can receive the children because there are several Inns that enforces the age limit.

3. Eat local food at restaurants or fast food

Eat what the locals eat, if not suitable more recommended eating at fast food restaurants. Don’t look for Indonesia’s food when traveling abroad except in Singapore and Malaysia, because the price of food Indonesia abroad is quite expensive.

4. Teach children traveling, not shopping

Avoid the children into a consumer by limiting what they buy for traveling. A lot of the science that could be taken while traveling, instead of just going around from one Mall to another along the way.

5. local transportation Ride or walk

In addition to saving costs, invites families to ride local transportation or walking will create its own impression at once taught children to learn to interact with the locals. Let children buy their own tickets and lining up will make the son of independent study and discipline.

6. Family discussions before leaving

Discussion before leaving for traveling is important. In the discussion, you can determine the costs that will be incurred during travel, such as allocation of shopping, a place – the place to be visited, whether You need to bring a stroller. Discussion on early will avoid misunderstandings while traveling. Do not let family travel that should be fun turned into the arena of discord.

7. create an itinerary, budget planning, and careful packing

When you are finished discussing, assemble the itinerary and estimated budget. Itinerary and estimated expenditure will make traveling more planned in terms of time and money. Packing precision is also important so that there is no left luggage, especially equipment for children.

Come on, immediately ask leave of absence! And, have a wonderful holiday with your family save money! Enjoy your trip.

Tips and tricks Select The Type Of Floor For Your Dream Home

The selection of the type of flooring for your home is important because the floor is one of the basic building blocks of the House. This type of flooring is very diverse with a price that varies according to the design. Generally, this type of floor coverings on the market as there are two types of artificial and natural flooring floors. ceramics, cement, vinyl flooring, and floor is categorized as artificial, while materials of wood, stone, marble and granite is a natural floor. For more details see the type of flooring in detail below:

Rooftop Patio Flooring for Modern Style Homes

Hardwood Floors

Wood is the building material widely available that can be used for Linoleum Flooring the various elements of the buildings such as the construction of buildings, floors, roof, and walls. Wood flooring is still the choice of many types of the natural aesthetic impression as a floor for home and can give you the warmth in the House. In addition, hardwood floors can provide a modern setting, contemporary, elegant and classic.

This type of parquet floors there are 2 kinds:

1. Parquet made from genuine wood powder made of wood (MDF) and utilize high technology
2. solid Parquet made of solid wood with the textured coating on its surface.
This type of flooring for your home

Marble and Granite floors

Types of marble floor taken directly from nature through mining. Granite and marble is a type of rock that formed from nature that cannot be updated. Processing and refining the process only by cutting. The market price is very expensive due to its availability in nature is also very limited. Marble floors are very strong in holding heavy loads. Marble is so cool from the warm temperatures inside the home. It looks very luxurious with a variety of motives and schemes. Granite floor is almost equal to marbled, only dark.

Ceramic flooring

Ceramic floor tile is the type most widely used because it is cheap with a variety of motifs and colors, and size of the ceramics. The use of ceramic is not just for floors, but also suitable for the wall.

This type of vinyl flooring

This type of flooring is very good because it can change the appearance of a beautiful room quickly. Vinyl flooring is the adhesive that can attach to the floor. If you are tired you can replace them with other motives. This type of floor care is very easy and is also easy to apply so you can do it yourself. This type of vinyl flooring materials flame-retardant, extremely strong and water resistant, so widely used in public buildings. This type of vinyl flooring is widely used as an alternative as a substitute because the type of vinyl flooring is very cheap.

Clash card belanced Royale Rising in 2016

Supercell announced card balance for Clash Royale is scheduled to be simultaneously updated on June 21, 2016. A total of 13 cards will be amended. Some cards ready at nerf by the developer, several other cards will get a special boost. Here are details of 13 cards that will be on-balance :


Hog Rider Damage fell 6%

Hog Rider is a favorite cards in Clash Royale. The majority of players definitely never wear or against another player using the card rider pigs. According to the developer, many people are already bored with this offensive card, then by lowering damage by 6% expected the majority of players can use the card more offensive.

Prince Damage increased 9%

As the number of players who are now able to counter attack Prince, the developer will raise its damage by 9%.

Damage P.E.K.K.A up 8%

After the update is launched later, P.E.K.K.A attacks, which increased by 8% to be able to turn off the Barbarian in a single blow. This offensive cards will be an attractive option.

Goblin Barrel Spawn Time drops from 1.2 seconds to 1 second

It is easy to counter attack Goblin Arrow Barrel card or Zap, but with time Spawn a faster 0.2 seconds, will make this card a new challenge.

X-Bow Deploy Time down from 5 seconds to 4 seconds, HP rose 18%

After the nerf updates the previous balance, the card user X-Bow becomes very little. The developer wants the X-Bow back into a selection of other offensive card row. The change is somewhat special, but the use of these cards will continue to be a challenge.

Mortar Deploy Time down from 5 seconds to 4 seconds

Furnace Lifetime increased from 40 seconds to 50 seconds

The developer sees no special of the Furnace. By raising its Lifetime by 10 seconds Furnace hope will make an interesting card to use.

Guards removed during Shield Pushback Securities destroyed

Witch Damage increased 17%

Apparently the developer still feel something is lacking with previous Witch update. Now the damage is increased by 17%, can be deadly Witch Minion in 3 times hit.

Lava Hound Damage up 28%

One of the favorite Legendary cards that serve as offensive card. Compared with Lava Hound Pups issued at death, Lava Hound itself does not have a high enough damage. Many players ignore the attacks Lava Hound because the most dangerous of which is Pups and not Lava Hound. By raising the damage Lava Hound is by almost 30%, this card will be one of the Legendary cards that warrant concern.

Skeleton Skeleton Spawn 3 from 4

With Elixir very low cost, this card becomes an option to divert the enemy’s attention like P.E.K.K.A, Prince and others. Expected to decrease the number of skeletons that one piece will make these cards more balanced. more

Holiday Prep New Year 2017

December has arrived, and … just counting the new year to come will come ya! Usually, this December is the holiday season. Yes, the month in which a lot of people who spent his final years in his dream vacation spot.

Maybe someone wants to spend the holiday in tranquility, maybe there who want to spend the year-end holidays in the frenetic fireworks are like me. However, whatever the choice, which obviously prepare the year-end holiday plans as well as possible.

Well, for one wants to vacation at the end of the year, probably tips the preparation of year-end holidays version could be useful

Year-end holidays delish go where ya?

1. Prepare a Vacation Fund Year End Of Days Away

His name is a holiday, the funds need to be prepared for this moment is not it? Once, when I was still an employee in an office, I always set aside a portion of their monthly salary. The percentage is also varied, ranging from 20 percent of salary, up to 50 percent of salary. Depending on where I want to spend the year-end holidays.
Saving more towards the end of the dream vacation destinations
If the vacation destinations such as Japan, which is the destination of my dreams, surely I would spend more. In the past, for the sake of this country, I set aside nearly 50 percent more salary in order to meet with Doraemon in cherry country.

Well, if for the holidays end of 2015, and by chance I would spend it in Sydney. Besides because I happen to also obtain visas WHV, I want to enjoy the turn of the night in Sydney that he wah it. For the preparation itself, I have already started saving and apply WHV visa since last year.

2. Ask Cuti When Right!

Ask leave should be at the right time, permit the vacation is definitely coming up fast!
Mollify boss in office is perhaps the most formidable challenge to be allowed to year-end holidays to dream destinations. Mulau mengajujan Be sure to leave a month or even two months earlier. Minimal expressed directly ahead of time to the boss.

Do not forget, when it will ask leave of absence, try being in a position “over Achieve”, or jobs that are being held successfully with satisfactory results. At a minimum, if the boss is pleased with the result of hard work, leave from the year-end holidays definitely get the green light with ease.

3. Select Destinations That You Love

Fireworks display in Sydney which makes me kesengsem want year-end holidays there! (While the photo is borrowed from here, then after had reached Sydney in December will I replace with your own photos ya: D * hopefully smoothly *)
End of year holidays should be fun, so do not let the wrong destination. For example, if it’s like crowds, select year-end holiday destination that has a lot of events like Bali, Bandung, Singapore or Jakarta would be fun.

For those who like the quiet atmosphere of the turn of the year, could try to camping or camping alone. And for the love fireworks show, can find information far in any place that the fireworks show was good.

Like for example in Sydney, year-end holiday destination which I happened to choose this year. One of the big cities in Australia this is the year-end holiday destination that presents a fabulous fireworks display. One could even say, a fireworks show in Sydney is one of the best in the world.

(Also Read: How to Make Work And Holiday Visa Australia Part 1: Finding a Letter of Recommendation Visa Working And Getaways)

4. Find Tickets With Smart

Find flight tickets with smart to save money!
Well, this is the most important! Because this air tickets could be one of the highest costs in the year-end holidays if not observant looking for cheap tickets. There are many airlines that offer cheap tickets, even when the peak season ahead of year-end holidays.

The trick is to start looking for cheap tickets ahead of time. As I did yesterday, I get a promo on air tickets Denpasar – Sydney at a price of £ 2.39 million for two, flew on 29 December 2015. Not too expensive is not it? Usually air tickets Denpasar – Sydney cheapest it could be 4 million tablets!

So how can get the best prices so cheap? The first easiest way is to subscribe to a newsletter to keeping the airline that is preferred.

How to Run the Best Mod GTA V


Tired against the police? why not join them? Police Mod this script, you could be the police and risking your life and the risks that are ready accountable for the Los Santos Police Department. You can spawn police vehicles (including helicopters), vehicle-vehicle partner of the police organization (only a few cars that could dispawn). You could hear a report from the radio and report to the nearest police unit when there is criminal for help. What you are doing is very good and can not be wanted level as long as you charge because you are “Trevor Enforcement Fairness”

Car Cannon script

HAVE you shoot the car with the car? Script Bazooka This car will replace your guns bullet with a car, you can kill people secretly Hitman with this script, feel the difference !.

Ragdoll on Demand Mod (Mod “letoy”)

Already several times the author menabrakan into people, very pleasant for a writer because “letoy” it is funny, sometimes just scare people just to do this and to do so for the sake of amusement, but that much is not enough, try the script ragdoll this. This mod let your body that strapping into a gelatinous chewy and letoy anywhere and at any time (including while cutscenes). It is suitable for you lazy look long cutscene and try this script during a cutscene runs.

Now, you’ve seen some of your own mod authors have prepared here. Questions dibenak you, how to install all the mod above? First of all, first read the advice from the author.

PLEASE NOTE, like the beginning of this article explain, Rockstar gave a statement that you are not banned as long as you modify any single player version of the game (Offline). Still a difficult thing to be declared if you have the mod installed on a single player and online play ?, you had better stay away from this behavior. If you want to play online, the better you uninstall modnya before you enter the online session.

What is needed for the road mod?

The author will tell you what is needed for this mod to work, as described at the beginning of the article, the author kept his promise: 3.

Script Hook V (Alexander Blade)

Most mod now use the script, the script you need the latest version so fresh and mod work smoothly and optimally, the authors suggest scripthook of Alexander Blade. Go to this link for the script. how to more cash gta 5 online money hack

Inside the .zip file, there is a folder “bin” in it

dinput8.dll: This is ASI Loader, this file is in charge of running the air-extension scrip .asi
ScriptHookV.dll: allow you to run a script that is already to customize in GTA 5.
NativeTrainer.asi: You would not be too much need for this, but sometimes one day wear. Such as skin substitute, replacing time, teleport, cheat is not dead-dead, and others.

Put dinput8.dll and ScriptHookV.dll (and trainer if you want) to the directory GTA 5 (where GTA5.exe are), you can know which directory GTA V you by right-clicking, open file location. For Steam, ‘Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Grand Theft Auto V’ put here.

Coincidence or not, most script authors suggest here is the script .asi, move to the directory script GTA V well (Same as placement dinput8.dll and ScriptHookV.dll

Holiday Tips on Lake and Capture the Moment

Vacation to Lake Kelimutu in Ende, NTT could be the experience of a lifetime. However, there are 5 things you need to pay attention to enjoy a vacation there.

You have to get up early and also bring its own mineral water when the lake Flores. In addition there are some other things you should be prepared so that more vacation maximum. Collected here’s a description 5 things you should consider while on vacation in Lake Flores.


1. Get up early

If you do intend to hunt sunrise on Lake Flores, it is obligatory to get up on since early morning. You must wake up from 03.00 am local time when departing from the center of Ende, because the distance from there to the check point at the parking area of the National Park Flores is relatively far, about two-hour car ride.

For that you have to prepare early, while hunting with time capture moments of sunrise. Meanwhile, if you leave the village of Moni, you must be ready from the time at 04.00 pm for the trip requires a total of about 1 hour up to the summit to see Lake Flores.

Do not forget to bring a flashlight or headlamp because the atmosphere there was still very dark. The atmosphere there is minimal lighting, especially street lights, really dark.

2. Bring a camera

The second thing, of course, bring your camera. Starting from DSLR, Go Pro, up to class smartphone can. Originally moment fitting, snap pictures you will surely be the center of attention. Moreover, if uploaded to social media, certainly envy a friend who saw it!

Needs exist in social media is so distinctive impetus to You so that tourist destinations are different than usual. Well, Lake Flores could be the answer to your desire to exist in sosmed. Definitely friends instantly you want to go to Flores followed as well.

3. Prepare stamina

Furthermore, you have to prepare a lot of stamina before deciding on a vacation to Lake Flores. See Kelimutu means you should be prepared for trekking for approximately 30-45 minutes to the top. Do not forget to bring supplies drinking water to avoid dehydration during the journey.

Put on your clothes and comfortable shoes. The wind was blowing pretty hard up there. So wearing a jacket, a scarf, or toques will greatly help you to get rid of the cold attack.

4. Use a traditional sarong

Although there are no written rules, but it’s good of you to Kelimutu wearing traditional sarongs Ende. Both men and women, both are required to wear the cloth. It aims to honor Lake Flores have been invested into place bersemayamnya Lio tribe spirits of their ancestors.

You can buy the woven fabric in communities around Flores. Or if not, you can hire to the local community, they provide rental services as well. This is also in order to empower and move the economic wheel Ende City community, so that they can also feel the positive impact of tourism in the lake stretching Flores.

5. Keep

Last thing, but it is most important is that you must always maintain cleanliness. Do not litter! Along the trekking path leading to the summit of Mount Flores there are several waste baskets that you can use. If necessary, remind also if there is another traveler who commit such act improperly.

Do not let another place like Lake Flores littered by garbage we leave behind. Remember the saying goes, do not leave nothing but footprints, and also do not take anything except pictures for keepsakes. Happy holidays to Lake Kelimutu!

Free Way to Japan

Welcome to the major article Free Way to Japan!

Japan is one of the favorite holiday destinations are booming for Asian tourists, including Indonesia. Javamilk for that this time will share a series of articles that can be your guide to travel to Japan without the use tour .


Planning Travel to Japan

  • Could not own way to Japan without a tour? Can really.
  • The cost of living in Japan is expensive? I think the meal and the hotel was not too (compared to Singapore / HK).
  • What about the language problem ? While you are planning and research and ticket service, we can reduce the interaction with the local population. Most stuck is nanya tourist office in the train station, where they can speak English.
  • What about diet ? For a restaurant that has the usual modern no menu in English, but for a small shop, we paid via the machine while the picture shows. For kosher food needs For research effort.
  • How about getting lost? Wear GPS and Nokia / Google Maps.

First thing to be determined is the number of days of vacation to Japan. This is important because it determines the number of cities you can go. For those who just want the first time, I suggest spend a minimum of 10 days. It was 4-5 days in Tokyo the new ‘taste’ satisfaction.

These roads need not be considered because the rail network in Japan is very extensive. Imagine Osaka-Tokyo can be reached within 3 hours. Its far only if you want to Sapporo (using air or Shinkansen can too).

Sample Itinerary Travel to Japan

Okay upon customer request, I wrote sample itinerary as I did. 12 day road, departing from Jakarta by AirAsia X via Kuala Lumpur. I bought Jakarta air-Haneda and Osaka Kansai-Jakarta homecoming.

5 the first night stay in Tokyo (it was not quite so true), then take the train to Hakone to see Mount Fuji, an overnight stay at this Hakone. More train ride to Kyoto for 2 nights and 2 nights stay in Osaka before flying back to Jakarta. The cities and their wintering sites of your stay and read this article follow.

If you’ve already bought return ticket from Jakarta to Tokyo (Haneda / Narita), then just buy a train ticket back Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo Narita / Haneda in recent days, without the need to stay longer in Tokyo.

Flights to Japan

There are several airlines that we can use to travel to Japan with low fares. But remember, the best tickets only a small component of the cost of the holiday, so it never hurts to get on a plane full-service if price not much different.

For a direct flight from Jakarta is definitely more expensive we have a choice:

  • Garuda Airlines
  • ANA
  • Japan Airlines

The advantage is certainly direct flight shorter flights and excellent service. Eating and drinking is not an issue deh 🙂 Only the direct gini ticket price could be around USD 700-900. Update I’m trying to find Garuda For Jakarta-Haneda flights pp 2016 promo ticket is Rp 6,000,000.

As for cheap tickets from budget airlines (LCC), we can try:

  • Jetstar , need two transit namely Singapore and Taipei before arriving in Osaka.
  • AirAsia X , low LCC but wear wide-body aircraft, so can direct Kuala Lumpur to Japan. There are 4 airports destination: Tokyo Haneda Airport, Tokyo Narita, Nagoya, and Osaka.

I think just choose which one is cheaper, because the distance of Osaka-Tokyo only about 3 hours by Shinkansen, and if you have a Japan Rail Pass transport business was practically settled.

  • Tiger Airways , Singapore and Taipei transit to Tokyo Narita.

For budget airlines, you do not have to buy a return to the same airport. Use the method-style open-jaw , so let go of Jakarta-Tokyo, Osaka-Jakarta’s return. Nor does the same to be the airlines, depending promos and price lah!

Hotels in Japan

Specialty indeed sometimes be a big expense. But if you ever survive living in Singapore is expensive, I think it would not surprise me to Japan.

Hotels in Osaka tend to be cheaper and the rooms are spacious compared to Tokyo. While the price of his hotel Kyoto’s seasonal favorite tourist spot for both local people and tourists.

Hotels in Japan adopt a single model. Number of votes will determine the price of the hotel. Also single bed room (bed size 120cm) will be less than the size of the bed 140 or 160. And make sure you see the details of the size of the bed, sleeping alone in bed 120cm could be gout;)

For Tokyo, great budget hotel start at around ¥ 7,000 for single beds, with spacious rooms around 7-8m2.

Budget hotel chain that you can try looking for is MyStays , Daiwa Roynet, Toyoko-Inn .

If you do not want to bother, use the search engine on . Just choose the city and date, and then we can filter by location and star.

I will discuss later in more detail about select locations in each city article.

Lodging Airbnb models are also very popular and widely available in Japan. The inn is the usual form of the apartments are rented. There were only renting out vacant rooms, but more fun and most rent a vacant apartment unit they (in the form of one-room studio or 2-bedroom unit). The surplus is a washing machine and kitchen available for cooking, as well as some host lent portable wifi router for free. Room rates start at around $ 50 per night.

Internet in Japan

Nowadays if you do not have Internet travel but feel how so. Quiet, if the problem of Internet and wifi in Japan, many portable wifi rental place. The easiest is looking for when they arrive at Narita or Haneda Airport.

If you want safe can also be a message via the Internet (eg Blank and eConnect ), have delivered to the hotel or the pickup at the airport on the day that we set. The price for the standard speed (already toned by Indo standards) is about ¥ 500 per day, more and more affordable rents.

There is also a prepaid simcard models (starting at ¥ 3,700 for quota 2-3GB of data a month), but it must be ensured that band GSM compatible with your smartphone. But I suggest to use wifi only to be able to share multiple gadgets.

If you expect free wifi? There also needs to be a bit of effort though. Download iOS / Android app whose name NAVITIME (Japan Travel) , then in the last menu to sign-up free wifi from NTT Japan and FREESPOT. Wifi NTT scattered in major cities, especially in the subway station.


By the problem of money in my opinion quite difficult. Everyone has their own lifestyle. So do not ask me yah 🙂

Make sure you wrote a moderate life, a meal that cost-style bento and ramen is ¥ 400-500. If you want sushi-well plates and color count her.

Transportation suppose ¥ 400-800 a day, outside of the train between cities and tourist attractions tickets. More please be calculated according to the number of days.

Its quite expensive is if we buy tickets for Shinkansen both point-to-point (eg ¥ 13,000 one-way Tokyo-Osaka) or buy a JR Rail Pass all (¥ 27,000 for 7 days). Later I discussed about this in a separate page.

Is saving to travel to Japan? Can! dining and hotel in my opinion it is not extraordinarily expensive. Compared to Singapore or Hong Kong, in Japan tend to be cheaper (outside peak season such as early sakura season and autumn).



Setiap kota besar (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, Hokkaido, Hakodate, Kobe, dsb) sudah mempunyai jaringan transportasi dalam kota yang lengkap yang bisa dipakai turis. Biasa moda transportasi utama adalah kereta subway / mrt. Di Hakodate adanya street car (semacam tram).

While inter-city we will often use fast trains to Shinkansen. Please refer to my article of transport between cities in Japan , there is described completely, including Japan Rail Pass.

For example the long distance Tokyo to Sapporo or Okinawa advised to buy air tickets. Domestic aircraft Air Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JAL) has special rates for guests ¥ 10,800 flat rate for the Japanese domestic service anywhere. Read the explanation and the conditions on the website Experience Japan Fare ANA and JAL Yokoso Japan Fare .

Domestic Low Cost Carrier Aircraft are also quite a lot in Japan, but we can book online is Jetstar Japan , Skymark Air , and Peach Water . Average tariffs range from ¥ 3,000 (eg Tokyo-Okinawa) to ¥ 8,000 (Tokyo-Sapporo) one way. For each LCC has very strict requirements, especially in the luggage scales and the number of piece, make sure you read the details before purchasing.

How To Open A Facebook Account Locked While

Like any other service on the Internet, Facebook has provisions which should not be violated. Provision is made for the comfort, of course, everyone. Violation of open my facebook account this provision will be fruitful the rewards are based on the severity of the violations committed.


Facebook has a policy of basing on the community, get information from your other thus affecting us. When we do something unpleasant things to other people, whether it’s auto like comment spam, send messages, add friends unknown or other things, then others can report it to facebook. If after reviewing the account we made a mistake in compliance reports, then we’ll get the rewards, one of them is locked while the facebook account.

Why facebook account locked while?

It is very important not to violate existing provisions on facebook account so that we are not locked. Sometimes our activity is commented or add friends too much can cause temporarily locked facebook account. If we violate the statement of rights and responsibilities of Facebook and facebook accounts get locked, it will be very difficult to get our account back.

We will be asked to verify the image of our friends. If our friend thousands and only a few knew in the real world, of course, this is not easy. It is therefore hardly anyone escapes from this verification unless they are just friends in accordance with the instructions of facebook. Oh yes, the facebook account locked not because of one offense but rather the accumulation of several violations that we do.

How to open a facebook account locked while

We could try one of the two tips below when facebook account locked temporarily. This way worth a try even though I cannot guarantee you will get back your account. Many people say, depending on the charity of worship respectively.

  • Write an email to with courtesy, tell what exactly we are doing with our facebook account. Admit our faults to be honest and say that we just understand about Facebook’s service policy. If you need to ask them to do a reset against our friendship. My friend managed to do this but the account does not have friends like first made.
  • We can also fill out the form this account disabled. On the additional info, we can honestly say that we are guilty though not previously know. The same way as using email, we should use the language of good and polite.

As I said above, I do not guarantee that the tips above can be done by everyone. Of course, it depends on how you “persuade” the facebook staff. Very good if we use the United Kingdom although there are some people who say that Indonesia can use the language.

In addition, I also do not guarantee that facebook will respond quickly. Some say that using a disabled account will make the form we are enabled, but only once. So we broke up again, then drop it to our facebook account history. It would be nice if we read a lot of facebooks now provisions already exist in the language of Indonesia. Good luck!