Austria: Empresses, monuments, opera and vals

Austria Empresses

A monumental architecture and peasant life quality

A monumental architecture and quality of rural life, this country of central Europe which evokes its majestic statues, for others the classical music for much, the castles of tale or the wonderful landscapes receives thousands of tourists permanently who worship the famous cafes of Vienna, social centre par excellence and that they exported to the whole world.

The capital of Austria was for seven centuries the Habsburgs headquarters and is proud to be one of the capitals most beautiful in the world with a lofty cultural heritage that illustrates its resplendent past.

However to receive thousands of tourists, almost every day, Vienna tends to isolation and to be conservative. The city seems stopped in time as well as their most important cities: Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, but outside urban centres are modern buildings and see that Austria is not, for some things, outside of the global world.

Travel to Austria in aircraft is the medium of transportation more quickly. Its main airport is Vienna, however, there are international flights arriving in other cities. Many companies that offer low-cost flights arriving in Austria and other flights reach nearby cities in Slovakia where go to Austria does not offer any problem.

All airports in Austria are connected with the centers of the nearest cities through all means of transport.

If you prefer to make the trip to Austria by train is preferable to make the trip at night since the journey is quite long and we know that in many cases it is more economical than the aircraft, but in others not. Travel by train to Austria has its delights because very beautiful landscapes we crossed, but it is also a journey that takes us a day and a half of our vacation. Obviously not is recommended for a getaway romantic.

Travelling by bus is possible from many cities in Europe, but we have the same problem with regard to the time factor, the topography rugged from the center of Europe, makes the journey long enough.
The trip to Austria by car can be rewarding to discover other places, taking pictures along the way, but it might be a test of patience experience. Must make many stops in the road and the roads of mountain not are for everyone.

Wafer on the windshield is compulsory to circulate by the motorways in Austria. They can be purchased by our vacation time in petrol stations, post offices and border customs.

Austria offers all kind of accommodation according to our preferences and our budget. Hotels are quite expensive in all categories, but even the cheapest is comfortable and offers competent services. Prices, generally, are per person and include breakfast.

The “Gasthof and Gasthaus” offer very good service at different prices (from 45 to €110 for two persons), are facilities very clean and warm.

Family pensions are economical, small and mostly are installed in the upper floors of private homes in the cities.

Staying in private homes is possible in this country, people offering rooms for rent place a sign saying “Zimmer frei”. Their prices vary between 40 and €70, breakfast is included in the price and is usually copious and varied (as in many other accommodation in Austria is considered in two nights accommodation at least, if we just think a night surely will have to pay a small supplement). The tourist offices have a list of “Privatzimmer” and in some offices employees made the reservations for us.

Rural holidays are a style of accommodation ever developed in the rural areas of Austria, many cottages and farms dedicated to the production offer a place to stay. They are a bit rustic but absolutely ecological, landscapes are dreamy, the warmth of the people is assured and is a form of a quite relaxing holiday away from it all and if we are children, they will greatly enjoy this experience. It is a very economical choice. The tourist offices have all rural accommodation information, even there is a private network.

During the months of summer them residences University rented rooms to the tourists by periods short, is called: “Sommer Hotels” or “Saison Hotels”, usually are available between the 1 of July and the 30 of September. They are very clean and comfortable but they are not inexpensive.
Without limit of age but with compulsory affiliation, Austria youth hostels offer international reserve by phone or Internet service. It has almost a hundred hostels spread the length and breadth of the country, not all have the same comfort but many typically have rooms with private bathroom.

The campsite is highly developed in this country, they have cars and caravans and there is an official body that oversees them “Österreichischer Camping Club”. Are a little expensive, 15 to 25 € per night for tent, car and two people.

Learn how to defend your island in Plunder Pirates

plunder pirates

Starting with your pirate life in Plunder Pirates, you accept the rules of the Corsair, loot as you want, but get ready to touch you when you. At the beginning of the game, when even we have not progressed much and have just been the days of coat of arms, we can be a bit lost when it comes to fortify our island, so we bring you a few tips so you no one steal not a doubloon of gold or a single drop of grog in the first bars of the adventure.

Not just how place defenses, if not on which we must focus our resources for their development and improvement. Despite the fact that this title is very similar to the well-known Clash of Clans, follow the strategies of the latter not will serve you, after all, the pirates and the Vikings don’t have much to do, or Yes?.

You leave all the tips below so you don’t miss a detail:

  • Get islets: placed those stores and the Town Hall, with water between them, of this mode the units enemy will have that swim, and to the be more slow, will be exposed more time to the fire continuous of our defenses. You must calculate very well how to separate buildings to have everything covered, do not you detach too things or you will destroy little by little. You stop using this strategy when you progress a little since it is only useful at the beginning.
  • Use expendable buildings as distraction: put on the outside forming a kind of barrier, the less important buildings, how constructor cabins or services. It will be for the percentage of destruction, but while enemies attacked these constructions, your defenses just them protecting resources and the Town Hall.
  • Develops and enhances the mortar: without a doubt the most important defense, people is it will think twice before attacking a well placed mortar. Build and improve it as soon as possible, it does damage of brutal area and has long knockback (pushes enemy back).
  • Do not overdo with the decorations: Yes, decorate the island and allow cuca is good, but believe me, then having to reorder all those trees and useless skulls is a boredom. Take more in reorganizing the island. I highly recommend placing them when we have a more stable template and not move with them.

We hope that this guide has been aid. If you are hooked to Clash of Clans, you should also try Plunder Pirates and learn more guide by visiting, it is a breath of fresh air, also visually is a delight.

Tallinn: A trip to the medieval past of the Baltic

Tallin City

Historic city

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a city that, like the rest of the country, has experienced a rapid increase in tourism after its reconstruction and rehabilitation. In fact, Estonia is the most tourist Baltic Republic, and its capital is not less. This beautiful city unites in its heart a spirit medieval with all them advances of the life of the century XXI. Travelers who come to her in search of ancient times, when the walls, castles and the towers were commonplace, will not be disappointed. Tallinn has received the nickname of “little Prague” recollect and charming old town. Of small size (is a pleasure touring it to foot) and surrounded of walls and towers that us remember to them images of them tales of fairy children’s, is dotted with of buildings historical, alleys intricate and animated cafes and breweries that will make much more pleasant our journey.

The location of Tallinn, in the coast of the Sea Baltic and to so only 80 km from Helsinki, makes that this city is surrounded of a nature spectacular. High cliffs, winter beaches, green meadows, small islands and parks… The lovers of outdoor spaces will have the opportunity of Arabian excursions on foot, by car or even by ferry. There are also many small picturesque towns that offer visitors the most authentic face of the country, and will allow them to feel the pleasure of meeting great corners that do not appear in the guides.

Tallinn also has a hard and intense past. The occupation German and Soviet of the country left many memories that are preserved in facilities (before closed but that now is possible visit) and interesting museums historical, where is possible feel the pulse of the last. But not all is dark in Tallinn, much less: about and within the city we can enjoy beautiful spaces for relaxation and leisure, such as pyrite and its beaches and forests; Nõmme, the “town within the town”; the residential area of Kadriorg; Rocca to the Mare and its Museum to open air; Kalamaja and its port… Endless opportunities to enjoy a different city. And speaking of enjoy, would what such if are looking for a good restaurant to taste the varied and tasty gastronomy estonia? During winter it is habitual consumption of soups, stews, strong dishes and a wide variety of sausages, smoked meats and sausages; but in the warm days of summer, come out to the table fresh vegetables, fish and vegetables, giving rise to a healthy and delicious cuisine. There are even parts of the country in which reindeer and bear meat be consumed!

Tallinn is also a loving city of culture and party. Proof of this are the many festivals that are held throughout the year, and which also coexist harmoniously with the traditional festivities. Music of jazz and atmosphere medieval; Oktoberfest (Beer Festival) and rock festivals; Solstice summer and independence… Many are the reasons to have fun is and enjoy during all the year in Tallinn.

Defend your empire and attack others in Clash of Kings for Android

Clash of Kings

On this occasion, from we want to offer the possibility of downloading a new and entertaining strategy game called Clash of Kings, which may be downloaded free of charge all users who possess a device with Android operating system. At the end of the article will leave it a download link.

Clash of Kings is an excellent game strategy for mobile with Android OS devices, dynamics and gameplay similar to the famous and popular Clash of Clans, although with some distinguishing features.

In this case we can see the graphs from a remote perspective, and the objective of the game is to fight against other empires enemies and defend himself, although previously there to build it based on effort and dedication.

In addition, have to train our army and prepare it to combat the most dangerous enemies, for which we must gather the resources that allow us to do so.

Then we leave a link through which may enter the store official Google Play Store and download for free the wonderful video game called Clash of Kings for devices with Android operating system.

Clash of Kings guide global map

On the global map can collect resources by deploying troops in each point of resources, attack npc monsters using enough troops or attack enemies, probably the most fun of all, competing against other players in PvP. Before that the best thing is to spy on and with the watch tower that action is improved. Dial Alliance also can join one, what will bring us benefits and aid.

Clash of the Kings of units Guide

Power units give it and if the soldiers they have 1, second level 1.4. Power points are used to classify players and know the forts that are, and can be compared with each other.

There we see a soldier which we can recruit and below we see another image with its features. They are typical of these games, with something extra. So each unit has attack, defence, life, speed, cargo capacity, range, maintenance cost and worth as many points of power.

The power will be crucial to determine your overall power and thus know how strong you are comparing yourself with other players in the standings or ranking.

The hero is a special units, which have a cost which is as the vitality and that will regenerate slowly. It is spent for example by attacking monsters.

London traveling with children

London traveling with children

At first glance this big impersonal city can be somewhat aggressive for children.

But it is a deceptive experience, London hides ideal places for education and fun of the children of the House.

Leisure options for children in London

Although London is a city filled with entertainment options for adults, do not forget the children and offers wonderful attractions for them:

1. London Trocadero

The building of Trocadero, near Piccadilly Circus, is a paradise for children and young people. Inside it houses a world of fun with simulators, video games of high-tech, billiards, bowling and many other sporting activities.

But there’s more: an internet cafe, cinemas, a shopping center and restaurants as appropriate for children such as Planet Hollywood and Rainforest Cafe, with its simulated storms.

2. The London Zoo

Located within the grounds of Regent’s Park, has a huge variety of animals and a laudable vocation conservationist. Children are their main public and Zoo is intended for them.

Recently shows were organized with owls set in the Harry Potter universe. We have a complete section on London Zoo.

Camden Town or Regents Park Metro.

3. The London Transport Museum

One of the most unique museums in the city, is worth a visit if you have time, and especially if you are travelling with children. This museum explains the history of the system of transport for London, the oldest in the world.

Has of a zone for children, although all the Museum is a succession of small attractions interactive in which children and older can experience and know by inside the performance of this work pharaonic of engineering that is the network of transport of London.
The Museum is next to Covent Garden market.

4. The dungeons of London (The London Dungeon)

A chilling experience in London. Be careful because the experience of the dungeons can be strong for impressionable people or small children.

The visit is a series of scares and macabre images that recall medieval Europe of torture and executions. Ideal for morbid and lovers of horror movies.

5. The London Aquarium and London Eye

All an experience ecological in the shore south of the Thames. The Aquarium is a historic municipal building and today is a beautiful exhibition of all seas and exotic species and coral reef ecosystems.

Particularly sought after are the sharks.

In front of the Aquarium is the famous giant Ferris wheel London, a popular attraction in which usually have long tails and which allows to enjoy unique sights of the city from the air. See our report from the London Eye Ferris wheel.

6. The Regent Street toy stores.

Apart from the huge Disney and Warner stores, it is worth visiting the famous shops Hamely´s, a paradise for children where they can find any toy they want, although eye with parents pocket.

The metro ideal is Oxford Circus

Other ideal places for children are the Science Museum, Madamme Tussaud´s, Pollock Toy Museum or the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood.

Viator offers many more options for the whole family with the possibility of booking online.

Second official trailer of The Avengers, The Age of Ultron

trailer of The Avengers

With its increasingly closer to release, Marvel promotional machinery begins to put all eggs in one basket. Fruit of this campaign promotional, just of launch is the second trailer official of the Avengers: it was of Ultron.

In it, can be seen a greater dramatic burden which in the first trailer of the film, published October 23 after a leak in the network.

The first part of the series that brings together some of the most famous heroes of the world, with permission of Superman, Batman, and Pablo Iglesias Wonder Woman; raised more than 1,000 million of euros to level world, by what not is of wonder that the Avengers 2: it was of Ultron is an of them movies more expected of them last years and one of them films that break the box office in 2015.

This is the trailer of the Avengers: it was of Ultron:

The culmination of the known as phase 2 of Marvel (after the premiere of Iron Man 3, Thor: the dark world and Captain America: Winter Soldier) puts the Group of Avengers, led by Nick fury, against an able to change the world order. See more info about advance tips and trick by visiting

According to the official of the the Avengers sequel Synopsis: “when Tony Stark tries to jump-start a dormant program to maintain peace, things will go wrong and the mightiest heroes of the Earth, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, black widow and Falcon eye, are facing the ultimate test when the fate of the world hangs by a thread. “When the villain Ultron emerges, is task of the Avengers the stop you before carry to out their terrible plans, and soon, uncomfortable alliances and action unexpected feel them bases for an epic and unique adventure global.”

The Avengers: it was of Ultron is starring by Robert Downey JR, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, to which is unite Aaron Taylor-Jhonson, Elisabeth Olsen and James Spader, who brings his voice to the villain of the film.

After contemplating the second official trailer for the Avengers: the was of Ultron, just 5 months left to enjoy one of the stories that is darker than the factory of comics has been commissioned to produce.

Tips for Yogjakarta city full of tourist

Many people aiming to travel out of town at the end of year holidays. Tourist destination is quite popular is Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta does have a lot of strong reasons for people to come to him. Not a few people from out of town chose Yogyakarta because they want bernonstalgia periods of school or college antiquity. Vacation affairs did not carelessly waton mlaku. The holidays can be enjoyed if everything is well planned. Starting from the preliminary stage to what is obtained after the holiday. Anything that needs to be prepared and informed for tourists who vacation to Yogyakarta end of this year?

Candi Borobudur

Patience. It’s very important to be prepared and owned by the tourists from outside the city. Some residents complained about the irreverence Yogyakarta tourists using private cars on the highway. Yogyakarta is a special area that is “slow”, so if you want to enjoy a holiday please follow the rhythm of the movement of life in Yogyakarta. Do not bring your city traffic malignancy in Yogyakarta. Motorists do not grab a special line of two-wheeled vehicle, two-wheeler riders do not grab the track cyclists, and cyclists do not grab a pedestrian lane. Avoid to act disrespectful, eg down the freeway and take the sidewalk to put your vehicle tires.

Avoid the main road. Yogyakarta is very rare in a stalemate, but for a holiday later this year for some reason some of the main roads are often jammed. Choose alternative paths to get to the attractions you want to visit. Ask the locals, you will be shown an alternative path dikala jammed. Yogyakarta famous people hesitate if you are polite. Turn off your engine if you want to ask people on the street, get out of your car when you want to ask. If you use the bike, you also need to take off your helmet if asked to vote. Once the norms of decency that you should know when in Yogyakarta.

Selection of tourist attractions. for people outside the city, usually choose some attractions are well known and much visited by tourists. Select several attractions other alternatives that are not widely known outside the city. Please check with relatives in Yogyakarta, a friend who was staying in Yogyakarta, or people you know who live in Yogyakarta. They will suggest sights “new” is no less exotic to visit. Certainly not a place that is very crowded and jammed. Some attractions are very crowded at the end of the holiday was the beach Parangtritis, Yogyakarta Palace, Bonbin, Malioboro, and Prambanan. You can choose beaches in Gunung Kidul such Indrayanti, Sundak, or as an alternative to Wedi Ombo beach Parangtritis and Ratu Boko temple as an alternative to Prambanan temple.

Umbrella. This thing is absolutely very useful because the current Yogyakarta almost every day of rain. Rainfall in Yogyakarta is currently at a very high position. Based on the experience of using science titen, rain in Yogyakarta mean come on during the day until late in the afternoon, between 12.00 noon to 17.00 pm today. Plus if the evenings usually come early in the morning at 00.00 until 02.00.

Flip-flops. Flip-flops are the defaults that need to be taken for reasons of rain. Do not wear shoes when it rains because of the current high rainfall. Several roads flooded during heavy rains. Although not to ankle, but it was enough to just moisten the shoe. A walk with wet shoes is not a convenient option, so provide flip-flops to wear when it rains.

Magelang. Also a visit to Magelang to enjoy Ketep Pass, Borobudur, rafting Progo, Sekar Langit waterfall, Telaga Bleder. Some of the attractions in Magelang is not as famous as a tourist attraction in Yogyakarta, but no less interesting to the tourist attraction in Yogyakarta. For lovers of nature, climb to the mountain top chippy or Merbabu is a great option to enjoy the beautiful fireworks New Year’s Eve.

Traveled aims to refresh your mind and out of the routine for a moment that you are “born” as a human right mind. Bring a positive thing that you get during the holidays.

News Update Troops in Clash of Clans Complete

There are plenty of Troops or the troops at COC hack online These troops were made to help destroy the base of your opponent or protect the village from an opponent’s attack.Every troops at Clash of Clans have characteristics or special advantages in it. a wide range of forces that exist in Clash of Clans, advantages and disadvantages as well as the unique ability possessed a few troops. Whether it’s Elixir troops, troops atapunmade of Dark Elixir.
clash of calns


Barbarian is the main unit you when there is a military enclosure. With the presence of a man furious, expression prepared for battle, yellow hair, and long yellow mustache. He wears a cocoa skirt with a cowhide belt and clasp molded shield. He additionally has handband spiked on both arms, and also a short sword in his right hand, and shoes on his feet.

At the time be moved up to level 3, Troops will be given a headband. Viking protective cap will supplement the Barbarian when achieving level 5 and level 6 will have a sharp sword and head protector goliath horns.


Archer is a run unit. Troops were portrayed as a lady with her hair and pink eyes are sharp, light green dress, a belt with a little sack, a gold ring on her shoulder and pink plumes on the bolts. Bowman does not have a particular target, assaulting anything that is in the nearness and span.


Goblin is the quickest character in this diversion. The principal target they are building assets. Troll doubles harm to building assets (Gold, Elixir, Clan Castle, and Town Hall). This gives the COC Troops harm multiplied looked at Barbarian and three times more than Archer’s assault on the building.

Troll is entirely feeble and helpless to devastation, furthermore on the grounds that it has a character Troops organizing asset building will disregard the majority of the rival’s protection, they are exceptionally defenseless against assault and Troops is not appropriate for use without reinforcement’s from another Troops.


Giant is a substantial bodied troops were capable crushed rivals. Troops will focus on the foe’s protections, bringing about a great deal of gatherings, they can to wreck a town. Since Troops is extremely solid, the players ordinarily put them first with a specific end goal to secure different troops weaker however more hostile than protective.

Wall Breaker

Wall Breaker dressed little skeleton wearing pilot cap chestnut and has a little scar on the right eye. Troops brought a gigantic bomb that will make her body down with the bomb. Divider Breaker assault straight into the closest divider.


Ballon is a like Wall Breaker Troops just this ride in a hot air inflatable. Troops have moved gradually noticeable all around. Assaulting the adversary by dropping bombs from above. Troops first target is the adversary’s barrier.


Wizard dressed wearing a blue robe wearing a cowhide belt with gold clasp and chestnut boots. Wizard assault is fundamentally the same as Archer for utilizing long-extend assaults and can assault the rival’s safeguard notwithstanding unhampered divider. His assault by discharging a fireball in his grasp and brought about impressive harm however Troops is very frail so hard not to be pulverized.


Healer is a unit flying. Troops did not be able to assault the foe, but rather can rapidly cure an assortment of other area Troops, unless in resistance (in which case he recuperates harmed structures). When all units have full wellbeing, he won’t do anything. In any case, if another Troops harmed, he will fly over and start the way toward mending. Troops can not recuperate itself or mend other flying squad.

Mythical serpent

Troops with the Dragon is an overwhelming flight mode and fit for threatening other air and ground units. Not at all like Troops Ballon, Dragon has a run assault like Archer.


P.E.K.K.A are strengths with the best harm in the sleeping enclosure. Troops have protection that is exceptionally solid and can deliver serious harm on the contradicting safeguard. Be that as it may, Pekka was the most costly Troops from different Troops.

infant Dragon

Infant Dragon is a standout amongst the most troops in cheat Clash of Clans hack tool. The enormity of the Baby Dragon was the point at which he was separated from everyone else are not near other flying squad. He would end up being bigger and the quality of (assault speed) and harm will increment.


Tips for traveling to Paris

Tips for traveling to Paris

Paris, the city of lights, the city of love. Paris, the city of fashion, attracting millions of visitors each year with its unforgettable atmosphere. Of course, a delicious meal and extensive collections of art, also deserve their share of recognition. The gentle walks along the Seine river flowing through Paris, flanked by stately museums, centuries-old churches and buildings of rococo architecture and neoclassical design, along with the trees full of charm and cozy light of their lanterns. Interrupting the cobbled walks of the Seine, the elegant Parisian bridges are incredibly beautiful, probably find one on your way to the market, a coffee shop or a museum.

Paris hosts museums of world class, fashion, gastronomy and a very own atmosphere, Paris is also a city of «many Splendors», as Ernest Hemingway recalled in his memoir, a moveable feast. Be sure to visit the Pompidou Centre, enjoy the pastry gourmet in Paris, Haute Couture in the Champs Elysees stores or boutiques in Les Halles, enjoy the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower or, even, an excursion to the nearby Palace of Versailles. But what really should not forget on your trip to Paris is the simple pleasure of get lost and wander around their wonderful arrondissements (districts).

Tips to avoid queuing at the Eiffel Tower

You can save money and, above all, waiting time by following these tips to avoid queues of entrance to the Eiffel Tower.

The best practice is to buy your entry online before traveling to Paris. In this way you get an entry that will give you priority access to the Eiffel Tower and will avoid you the queues, entering directly without having to wait.

How to save money in Paris

  • Monoprix
    This popular store of food, souvenirs, perfume, clothing and much more, has almost all of the memories that you can imagine from your trip to Paris at really cheap prices.
  • Eating menu
    If you want to taste the gastronomy of Paris, you can enjoy it at lunch when acclaimed restaurants offer economic fixed price menus.
  • Walking, walking, walking…
    The best way to enjoy Paris is walking, and also cheaper means of transport to visit Paris.

Paris, culture and customs

A little bit of know-how, or diplomacy, always helps in your trip to Paris. It is speaking the French language, although only a kindly bonjour (good day) or a bonsoir (good evening); love the inhabitants of Paris and they will appreciate your effort; the opposite would be a discourtesy to the Parisians. If yours is not French, you can always ask help politely starting with a parlez-vous anglais (or speak you Spanish?). The important thing is try to mix in the refined sophistication of Parisian life rather than stand out as a loud or badly educated visitor.

Speaking of mixing…, Paris is undoubtedly the world capital of fashion. Let your home fashion outfits! Finally, all brands, from Coco Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Lacroix and María-Antoinette… have their origins in the couture fashion, and Paris still has a great influence on the fashion world. Consider dress discreetly in order to pass unnoticed among the Parisians.

Restaurants in Paris

As in many international cities, Paris much with an ample range of restaurants serving everything from Asian fusion to nouveaux bistro dishes. And because France invented a widely adopted style of cooking, the food in Paris is tre s well. Search luxury establishments in the 1st arrondissement (District 1), and in Marais, as well as around the Champs-Elysées and the Eiffel Tower. The 2ème arrondissement has a large number of restaurants and cheap cafes, like the Montmartre.

For a quick meal, buy a baguette in a traiteurs or enjoy a quick sweet or salty pancake in a creperie. A chocolat chaud (hot chocolate), Café crème (coffee with cream) and other beverages can be enjoyed at any of the many cafés and chocolate shops you find in Paris. And if you want to save some euros, in supermarkets and neighborhood stores buy some snacks to eat during the day. Cheap brasseries and bistros abound, but if you want to throw the House for sale and try something gourmet, the Plaza Athenee restaurant, L’arpege, Guy Savoy or L’ambroisie, among other restaurants, expensive but delicious.

The development of the French food is an art. Even the art of perfecting French cuisine (wine, cheese, cakes) are a reflection of the time and care put into the food. Also persist about the high level of experience of French cuisine, to realize that the food is intended to be enjoyed. And remember, your elbows off the table!

Most of the restaurants and cafes include a surcharge of 10 to 15% for the service. You can leave gratuity extra, if desired. Taxi drivers usually wait between a 12 and a 15% gratuity, even though rounding to the nearest euro is usually sufficient. The currency used in Paris and throughout France is the euro.

How do Popular in MovieStarPlanet


To be popular in MovieStarPlanet, you need to be aware of what it takes to excite others and attract them to your account. Here are some ways to be most popular.

Be genuine

Does not become a robot yourself. If people think you’re fake care and just keep an image that you will not like. It’s okay to want to look good because it doesn’t matter what people are going to judge this. But I don’t think that you have to buy a certain style of popular. People like you more when you have your own unique style. Failure to follow the rules begin the establishment of its own. Save up to star coins. You will need the currency to buy the equipment that needs that you will help his popularity. Be anticipated at times stops and go for the ride of your not afraid to move forward. Decide what you want to buy and save for it (put it in your wish list if you need to make it easier!).

Presented either

Try to match the clothes instead of putting together random. This shows people how good you are with fashion!

After buying clothes, go to the beauty clinic. Get a bright red or light pink lips. Buy the eyes which were not able to see the first time that he made his character. Pretty Perfect or Glitter Galore are recommended.
Use a color that will go well with any clothing in the future that they could receive.

Be careful with some colors. Do not use big and bold. “Big and bold” is not something that like many people – unless they are in light pink or Orange peach. Instead, use light or bright colors that are looking for. Remember that you should go by the more natural colors such as red, pink or even light rosa-naranja color. Do not use neon colors, unless it is for a specific computer.

You should know that skin color doesn’t matter. You’re beautiful the way you are. Use colors that are just right for your style or attitude, but don’t go too crazy yet.


Make a good movie, with people with a wide variety of clothes so you have other options if you want to change more later. When you leave the movie, stroll through advertising chat rooms. Click on specific people and message personally to ask them to see his film, be specific with the title of the film so that they know which film are talking.

  • Try not to use too many animated characters the MovieStarPlanet selection. You could have one if I wanted to (none is fine also).
  • Get your friends in the film. Make that look good or the comments will begin being bad.
  • Make sure that the movement is long enough. Ten seconds is not enough.
  • Take your time making films. If he rushes them all, they will seem careless and people won’t want to watch.

Get a VIP, or ask others who view your movies.
Watch movies of high level. For example, try to see my beau films or films even Pumpchkin.

I know good films of others. You’re not watching movies and commenting on things like “his films are garbage”, or “You is ugly in that movie”. It’s not very nice!

Behave well

Avoid gossip about people. If you look rude, who will want to be your friend and help out? Simply start saying “Hello”. Complementing the people in their clothes and fifth pine is an icebreaker and gets a good conversation began. You don’t sound like you are giving automated responses you have to have good genuine conversations with people.

Don’t talk about level persons of low or high level people, this makes people think that they are caught up. We all have flaws so don’t bother trying to act perfect all the time which will make you will look stuck up also. So try to seem friendly and meet the people.

Useful Actions

  • Be generous. Walks of diamond for those who need starcoins. You do not need things for her. It helps a lot of people however. If people in cars that give them a tour. This goes for the views and loves to try to return the favor once in a while.
  • Giving autographs to people who need to level up and want to be high level as others. Don’t just ignore them or could delete you.
  • Give someone gifts if they need clothes. For example, give them clothes that bought you don’t want more. You don’t have to keep them if they don’t like you.


  • Don’t just support persons of high level or VIP to make aid to other people that really need help, but that it did not prevent him help people of high level who have been trapped for almost a month with the same list of wishes or have have stuck at the same level for a month. If you want to be popular MovieStarPlanet, try this awesome moviestarplanet hack tool that will help people who really need it, and never let that take advantage of you! To avoid this, try to not give people cars and wishlists at random.
  • Don’t ask VIP gift unless they ask you if you want one, so any bid accepted it, is a good way to get clothes if they ask you if they can get something in return, be kind and say of course! or Yes! to help its beautiful image comes out better.
  • Is good. This can express his maturity and make more people want to be your friend.
  • Act not stretched. It could result in the loss of their friends or you can do that other people do not want to be friends with you.
  • Go in the Forum, that way you can make friends when they comment on.
  • Do not put in your State or in your smart people wish saying, “car with me or you delete!” or such. It gives you a bad reputation. In addition, never come back to tell cars? that will make people think you’re desperate!
  • Generously give autographs to people who need help. Not only his closest friends.
  • Try not to miss the calm!
  • Speak clearly, this allows people to understand what he’s saying. Never go out and say things at random as lion cake! or Cheezburger!


Do not give your password to anyone, although threatened. It will be used to remove all their Starcoins and clothing. If you is threatened, report the person to the staff of the site.