Want Free Traveling Around the World? 5 Follow These Tips

Do not have a cost that does not mean to diminish the opportunity to travel around the world you know. Many ways that we can do to realize the dream of visiting the beautiful places in the world. As the saying goes if one door closes another door will open, we want to live through the door or not. As with traveling, when the ability of the weak economy there must be other avenues that can be used to make the trip exciting.


Traveling is done in ways that ordinary traveling is fun but if it is done with great effort will definitely give a more impressive effect. Moreover, if the traveling you do not need to spend a dime, wow everyone will envy you. Want to know tips on what you can do to get around the world for free? Consider the following review.

1. Working On Organic Agriculture Organization

One way of traveling around the world is to be a worker in one of the world organization in charge of organic farming. For example, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) which is an organization that helps people who want to work as a volunteer on organic farms internationally. Quite right? we could visit one country to the other by way of volunteering agriculture.

How it works, this organization will be a link between people who want to volunteer on organic farms and smallholders with land owners who are looking for volunteers to help take care of the land. Many farmers are willing to gladly open their homes to tourists who do not mind spending a few hours time to be in the garden.
For those of you who are interested in the way this one, you will get a double benefit in your traveling. First, by volunteering needs such as food and accommodation will be borne by the owner of the land. Second, you can enjoy the beautiful natural charm where you work and if you are lucky they will get a reward that can be used to shop, you know. Who is not interested in traveling this model?

2. Become A “Mystery” Traveler

Who wants treated to traveling out of the country? All raised their hands in unison of course. If a traveler wants to pursue a job that is not impossible anymore to go abroad paid for with other people. Work does it? Being a “Mystery” traveler, that name a little spooky with frills mystery but very pleasant job that is shopping.

Life entrepreneurs are always packed with activity that never stops even though the Day holiday. For people who benefit from this creative into business opportunities.They opened interpreter services into shopping. We all know that successful businessmen especially a woman must have the soul of a high socialite. Whatever is used always ask Pantene.

With the dense bustle that they often hire interpreters assigned shopping shopping needs and it is done abroad. We were leaving, travel accommodations in, and destination country we are spending as much. Wah was counted all the picnic.But to be the interpreter of shopping we should literacy trends and fashion of today, let us not be reckless capital armed with a blind fashion.

3. Working as a driver fees

If you are adept at driving a car, you can drive to various countries using another person’s car for free. Not hire much less steal but become interpreters hired a driver to travel abroad. But the way this one was hard to do the traveler Indonesia as the area island-made islands are not many people or there may not be interested to hire a driver and traveling abroad by car.

However if you are abroad, particularly in Europe which incidentally visa-free between the countries that are members of the European Union, the tips on this one very promising for the occupied. We can drive around Europe for free, because the affairs of the fuel has been borne by the vehicle owner.

The beauty of Nature in West Lombok That Amaze

west Lombok is an area which is becoming one of the destinations that holds many interesting places to visit. Indeed, the island is surrounded by sea waters west very beautiful. Even many tourist attractions West Lombok used as because of the charm of the tour is so beautiful and charming.


West Lombok is also known as the island of amed bali accommodation a thousand mosques because mosques were built on the island. besides many western Lombok save interesting natural sights and charming. Therefore, this time we will review some of the natural attractions that are located in western Lombok. Are you already enjoy the beauty of nature in western Lombok? If not let’s consider the following reviews.

Bukit malimbu

Mount Malimbu a plateau that serve as a continuation of Senggigi Beach, tourist sites located in West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. At this location has white sand along the hills. If you are on a hill, you will be presented with a view of the hills are beautiful and fascinating. In addition you can also enjoy the sunset or sunset can be seen clearly from the peaks above.To visit in Mount Malimbu this, you have to bring food to avoid hunger during the visit, because there has been no rental or restaurant.

Kerandangan beach

While on holiday, the beach is the top destination for the tourists who visit. The location of this kerandang beach is in the north of Senggigi Beach. But the location of this tour already fallen into the hands of investors, but very neglected. Therefore, coastal managers started taking care of the beach by collecting levies to visitors who want to visit this beach location.Traders that there was also drawn to a levy of five thousand rupiah per month. However, you will be presented a very spectacular scenery on the coast this one.

Well, how? Interested in exploring the nature in western Lombok? If so, you can visit one of the sites we already reports over the beauty of the natural attractions in West Lombok riveting . Very unfortunately if you miss the tour – the natural attractions. for it your time to explore the sights are in western Lombok. May be useful

Healthy Tips on Vacation with Family

When the time – when the holidays arrive, many people immediately forget all the diets they are doing and they are often forgotten by a healthy diet. And if everything is as it was, then the diet that is being done will fail. Therefore to make the holiday by setting a healthy diet becomes easy, some of these tips will help you manage a healthy diet while on vacation.
I recommend while on vacation, multiply eat foods that are traditional. Because it’s mostly traditional foods low in fat . For example, as the sauce can be made with no fat at all. The potatoes were cooked without butter can also be very healthy at all. In essence, while on vacation you can dishes with ingredients – the basic ingredients such as potatoes and gravy without fat, all of it very healthy at all.
While you are busy with your holiday, do not forget about physical exercise and workout routine and regular. Do not forget to always maintain your weight during the holiday season that burn the extra calories. You also need to exercise in a way a walk after a meal, and do not forget for always run – the first in the mall / supermarket before you start shopping.
During the holiday party and when you will have dinner with the family, do not feel free to ignore food labels even though you do not splurge. Decide what you want to eat with the family, then stick to your plan previously, namely shopping less but healthier. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, low-fat dressing, and sliced lean meats.Before you go to a holiday party, eat several small meals to help reduce your appetite when the party is in progress.
Keep in mind, do not ever want to drink alcohol. having too much alcohol can cripple your physical strength, and also add excess calories to your diet. So, drinking alcoholic beverages other than to paralyze your physical strength, alcohol can also increase the calories in large quantities, which is where if the calories in the body of excess is very dangerous for the health of your body.

Flexible with healthy eating you, if you only consume less food has the nutritional quality of “bad” it will not ruin your diet. Try to learn to balance your healthy eating habits during the holidays.
Thus Tips Healthy While Vacationing Together Families can I describe in this one article. We wish you a pleasant vacation and stay healthy throughout your vacation period. Do not forget to share this article to your favorite social media.

Trio Gili Travel, Vacation Spots Typical Areas of Lombok

Travel Gili Trio – Various – range of tourist attractions in Indonesia make our country known throughout the world and not a few foreign travelers from spending his vacation fun – fun in our water Tanar. One of the places visited tourist demand in both domestic and foreign are Gili Trio.


Trio Gili tourist attractions on the island of Lombok, gili getaway even this tour consists of three places: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. The third place has beautiful natural scenery and beautiful that is very helpful for those of you who want to feel the atmosphere of calm well as unwind.


Of third place earlier, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, Gili Trawangan is the most widely visited because of the larger islands and also has many entertainment venues such as cafes and so forth. Activities – activities such as swimming, snorkeling, diving and sunbathing you can do on the beach Gili Trawangan beautiful.

Now in this island you can also hire whose name cidomo a kind of horse-drawn carriage or wagon say to roam the island. Although the three islands of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, the two other islands of Gili Meno and Gili Air is equally interesting. Here you can do many things like diving laing also interesting because the two islands have an underwater tour was awesome and beautiful yet not too much untouched.


Trio travel Gili Lombok Island

Gili Meno and Gili Air is a quiet place so it is more suitable for those of you who really want to spend the holiday relaxing undisturbed by the many noise.

Well from the third place which would kidnap your attention? I think of third place on the island of Lombok district – each has its own uniqueness, so wherever you choose to remain where they become an attractive tourist destination.

Similarly, another one of my articles about interesting places in Indonesia, please visit if you have the chance.

A Tour To help Rajasthan Your Stretch of land Of Braveness, Colors And additionally Celebrations

A Tour To help Rajasthan: Your Stretch of land Of Braveness, Colors And additionally Celebrations!

For ones those that wish to investigate this ways of this noble way of living with yester years, Rajasthan is a good spot for a get pleasure from this. Your visit to Rajasthan delivers some glance in the majestic former within the rulers with the territory while using silver fine sand, and you can observe they will enjoyed a societal pomp and political potential.

A Tour To help Rajasthan Your Stretch of land Of Braveness, Colors And additionally Celebrations
A Tour To help Rajasthan Your Stretch of land Of Braveness, Colors And additionally Celebrations

Rajasthan could be the site that’s conserved her beyond inside liveliest fashion. It will be easier to work out a imprints within the bygone period of time inside the the majority accessible strategy probable, and see the same exact way of living which has been this characteristic with rulers of Rajasthan.

Within your go Rajasthan, will be possible to discover a great deal around Asia despite the fact that taking advantage of camel safari, viewing the well-known together with historically important forts, palaces together with exploring this wild everyday life with Of india inside liveliest fashion possible.

A Rajasthan family trip visit to help need a very good way to enjoy a person’s leisure family trip whereas going to vacation spots enjoy Ajmer, Alwar, Bharatpur, Bikaner, Bundi, Chittraurgarh, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaiselmer, Jhalawar, Kota, Attach Abu, Pushkar, Ranakpur, Sariska in addition to Ranthambore.

The list of that choice points out the simplest way easily you can benefit from just with the escape with superb process when you will have wide selection of choices to find pleasures. Should you be some nature-lover, Rajasthan pores and skin look spot that you take pleasure in and additionally find out about Native american rough outdoors lifetime as a result of Keoladeo Country wide Recreation area with Bharatpur Bird Private area.

Ranthambore in addition to Sariska State Areas are legendary with regard to all of the wild lifetime, like abdominal muscles exotic, successful, easily along with fearless Indian Gambling. Sariska together with Ranthambore usually are proclaimed tiger woods stores where one can get pleasure from looking at this particular really wonderful mad types of Major Kittens and additionally take it by way of a person’s cameras.

Jaipur could be the capitol with Rajasthan, it’s legendary while using the brand Yellow City because of the a lot of colour with the flagstones which has been applied as soon as creating the ft and inter-city of Jaipur.

It can be a attractive community which happens to be extremely organized, a particular location to see to get a passionate escape. Examples of the certain destination involving Jaipur is usually Ruby Fort, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Town Palace along with Ram memory Bagh Construction. Jaipur can be a advanced town associated with The indian subcontinent demonstrating vibrant hues of American native customs.

So that they can know the relationship in the deserts while taking advantage of the actual flavor involving wasteland, you will want to proceed towards Jodhpur, Jaiselmer and additionally Bikaner.

Methods for Easiest Weight reduction

In case you are in search of advise for swiftest weight loss diet points you have come for the appropriate spot. These, we’ve advocated you examples of the powerful methods for most effective weight reduction eating plan. A lot of most effective weight reduction plan plans in addition to plans are around for most people. Simply, you need to go to several sites to obtain entire and right information about those weight reduction eating plan plans. Applying most convenient weight reduction program is an easy, secure, absolutely free and useful method losing your excess fat. Choosing the ultimate weight loss program plan will be an easiest way to reduce excess weight, additional information just click here meal plan to lose weight
Regardless how calming your nature is usually, in regards to a fight with bulging fat after that you’ll want to put up a preferred gentle.

Fat loss not only on forces you to glimpse and feel top, what’s more, it augments future health. Proper bodyweight reduces your options available with developing serious well being problems prefer heart ailment and also diabetes. If your primary very last eating plan trial period isn’t a success then obtaining dejected. The main element is usually to search for an idea, which works with particular person necessities with the overall body so, that you can to be able to avoid general diet regime dangers quite helping to make long term changes in lifestyle, which aid anyone in looking for long term and healthy weight loss financial success. Whenever you like the normal lifestyle prefer dwelling become fruit and vegetables, normal foodstuff and additionally doing some fishing through your own efforts after that detoxifying diet can be what exactly you want. Detox weight loss plan is produced to take out hazardous supplies in the overall body. Most effective weight loss program plans are offered on the internet to your reference. have more information go to. 16
As a consequence of a lot of substances, which can be included in environment, several people state some detoxifying diet program is definitely important for top level well-being. By using cleansing healthy eating plan, your body rids again from toxins by means of skin combined with lung area. Diet is usually associated with some other of utilizing holistic tactics enjoy current administration from a, muscle stimulation along with vitamins and minerals. It is possible that you can get rid of excess your weight along with detoxification eating plan just by observing several eating tips and the idea. Taking in plenty of mineral water can be an additional swiftest tactic to get slimmer.
You must observe diet plans, for you to enjoy together with which you can comply with easily. Eating plan ought to be lacking in transfats in addition to all kinds of sugar and rich in required protein in addition to fiber. Health care provider can provide you idea concerning what kinds foods tend to be nutritious solutions. It is best to read eating plan labels at foodstuff plans prior to deciding to acquire him or her. When you require assistance within knowledge trademarks, it is possible to inquire health practitioner to clarify him or her. Sugar-sweetened drinks enjoy fruit drinks, athletic beverages, and additionally electrical power cold drinks together with juice add a lot of glucose as well as high fat calories to be able to eating plan. Nonetheless; other hydrated is extremely important for the well being. Replacement Anti- caloric flavored normal water, unsweetened tea leaf, diet program soda along with liquid to get sweetened cocktails. Support of your mates in addition to members of your family tends to make a person’s staying on a diet painless. You’ll want to choose the best eating plan to assist you inside melting away your weight swiftly.

Rapid loss of weight lose weight programs can be on line which you could talk about get rid of your excess fat fast. Weight reduction plan packages can be bought internet, which are usually especially specifically for a good target weight loss involving 10 to help 17 Ibs invest in. It’s going to improve a thinking together with experiencing as a result of detox systematic influences with diet weightloss routine. A performance involving weight loss diet approach can be this nutrition tried uses up several calories as opposed to they provide for a physical structure in caloric benefits. This treatment plan could possibly be chosen as much since you like with no risk from difficulties. That is designed for flushing your whole body with impurities combined with provides people inner thoughts involving wellness. Right after weeks time, people will quickly believe lighter weight like you will be lesser by 10 Ibs minimum amount. You have loads of strength and in many cases an enhanced predisposition.

6 Activity Fun When You Are Trapped Loss

You know, right when the road to the Peak area during holidays always jammed? If not jammed, it’s not peak. Well, the name of a traffic jam would make boredom and stress. Instead of high blood pressure due to emotions, you’d better try seven exciting activities when stuck in traffic following. Can make your trip so much fun,


1. Tweak the phone

Mobile it has become an important item in our lives. Instead of fitting jammed, nervous meeting gebetan wrote directly looking down staring at the phone. Though only ngeliatin wallpaper, tuh.
With a cell phone, you can browse places to eat or good accommodation in Puncak. So as soon as you arrive, already know where to go deh. Tired of missing, was added carefree holiday.

2. Sing as much with people one car

Singing has been proven to reduce stress. So that more exciting, all wrote to play quiz guess the song. Try to sing a song with a totally different tone. Invite your family or friends in the car to guess the title of the song you sing.

3. chatback another motorist

Hundreds of vehicles stuck in traffic in the exit lane highway toward the area of Puncak, Bogor jagorawi in Ciawi, Bogor, West Java, on Wednesday (1/1). Total traffic jam at the toll lanes along the 3 km as the impact of the closing track to the summit for more than 5 hours to allow the rider from the top to the Jakarta who celebrate New Year’s Eve. AFP PHOTO / Jafkhairi / pd / 13
Open the car window, waving to the car next to you. If you are ignored, it’s gone it’s nothing. His name also lives. Some accepted, sometimes rejected. But if they want to chat with, new friends you grow, deh.

4. Snacking

Jams would make hungry. Many are selling food on the street towards the Peak area. There taro, gemblong, you know, until peuyeum (tape). It must be nice, snacking tuh pas traffic jam. A full stomach, the person who sells too happy. Drinking set, yes. Bad if you’re dying for a pee but the gas station is still far away.

5. Small Sports

Not that you have to jog up to the peak or yoga middle of the road. Try, deh do light stretching in the car. Straighten your legs, swivel-swivel joints. Besides relieving boredom, stretching can also improve blood circulation. The holidays should remain healthy, right?

6. Sleep

Still bored too? They say, sleep was a runaway best. So, take advantage of your time to sleep. Later, after arriving at the summit, you can move in fresh condition, deh. The person who gets to drive do not go to sleep, yes

Update Latest Hero Castle Clash 2016

Hallo guys clasher players, how are you today? hopefully in a healthy always yes. thanks in advance’ve always been in this simple blog.

I was almost more than 3 years of playing the game on this one, since I know this game fit in the beginning of the game I always tongkrongin tuh waiting for buildings to be completed. Sometimes it is because guns patient, I like to use diamonds to speed up the building.

Since then, many heroes legend that is popping up like cupid, pumpkin duke and the other legend hero. Well, this time I will try to review the guys back some hero legend and capabilities that have been updated since the beginning of 2016 until the month of July this yesterday.

For those who already have the legend hero, huh guys could share about the advantages and disadvantages of each hero with comment below this article castle clash hack gems for hero

Well, here’s a list of heroes releases from January to July 2016 ya guys:

1. Arctica ➳ Legend



Hero’s release yesterday 6 januari 2016

Hero is perfect in every battle because

DMG has 10 seconds ➳ enemy on the front

➳ freeze enemies and buildings 10 seconds

➳ remove a buff

➳ Stop enemy in 6 seconds

Note: Hero legend this one can only be obtained through the same events with Moltanica. So it can not use GEMS ya guys.

2. Valentina ➳ Legend

For info legend that one can click on the link here ya guys

3. Phantom King ➳ legend



Released 14 March 2016

Hero legend this one was again much sought after today, because of the ability have is WOW ya guys. Hero legend this one has the ability to:

➳ DMG high capability and reduce energy random enemy.

➳ Mmepunyai recovery capabilities quickly and avoid enemy attacks.

However, to get the legend hero of this one, you need to collect 20000 shard ya guys can also use gems …..

4. Beast tamer ➳ legend

Released 11 April 2016

Hero legend this one has a good skill, ability of this legend is:

➳ between DMG and ATK same that X% for the nearest enemy

DMG ➳ take more than X%

The hero can only use the gems ya guys reroll

5. Lady leo ➳ legend

Released 10 May 2016

legend this one as the name suggests women lion is strong, and should be owned. because this hero has:

➳ DMG equal to X% ATK enemy targets near X seconds for X seconds

Lay ➳ hero for X seconds

➳ Level 8 this hero has turned into protective body and cooldown for X seconds

Tips for Choosing a lens to Capture the Moment When Traveling

For those of you who have managed to overcome the confusion selecting a camera, may be the next question arises: Must buy lens what, huh? Because, as good-good camera you have, if baseball was offset by a good lens of course the result will be mediocre. For that, let’s follow the discussion of these lenses.

Woman wearing hat taking photograph
Woman wearing hat taking photograph


Almost all the existing cameras are equipped with a congenital lens (kit). On average, a variety of well-known camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji and Olympus provides a kit lens, standard zoom with a range of 18-55 mm. Sometimes there are on the other lens options. As the first lens / beginning, the kit lens is enough for you guys who are just learning.

Types of Lenses Before You Go

Wide Angle – usually a lens with a range below 50 mm would be categorized as a wide-angle lens (wide angle). This lens is suitable for photographing scenery or large object.
Fisheye – this is a special wide-angle lens that provides a convex effect on photographic results.
Telephoto – usually a lens with a range above 70 mm will be categorized as a telephoto lens. These lenses are used to record objects that are a short distance by the photographer, but we can still get the details.
Zoom – lenses that can be used to change the zoom range from wide to or vice versa.
Fixed length – does not have a zoom feature, but it has a crystal clear image quality due to the use of the lens elements are few and mostly have openings (diaphragm) were great.
Macro – lens that can focus on objects that are very close to the lens.
Well, Here’s 3 Things You Need to Notice When Choosing a Lens
1. Note the aperture (f-number)
The aperture determines how much light coming through the lens, and also affects the focus and depth of the object to be photographed. Well, f-number itself is the size determines the size of the diaphragm. Can be started from f 1.2 (only focus on the object) to f 22 (all that there will be photographed in focus).
2. Select Zoom / Focal Length
This has implications for how could a lens can zoom in and zoom out. For example, a wide angle lens starts from 10-14 mm (for example ultra wide lens is a fisheye lens) and a telephoto lens can be above 300 mm (for zooming from distant objects). You need to choose which suit your needs when traveling.
3. How Weight
There are many lenses which can produce nice photos, but very heavy to carry. And of course, the weight will be more difficult to carry while traveling. So, you can compare several types of lenses to determine the appropriate needs.

by Roxann Nanette

How To Easily Get Pikachu in Pokemon Go

Mid 2016 Go Pokemon games are very popular all over the country, no longer need to wonder why this game became so popular that it might explode, because this type of game might be the first time there, which actually combines the real world and the virtual world.

Pokemon Go is successful in the tumultuous world of gaming in almost all countries. Previously, we’ve discussed how to guide to playing Pokemon Go for a complete beginner, please read here: How to play Pokemon Go up to be.

As with Pokemon movie, there are a few roles there that have the character of each, whether what is special about the role of Pikachu, the obvious role is highly desired by prospective players Pokemon Go.

Easy Tips to Get the Most Pikachu Pokemon Go

Indeed in the film and the comic serial Pikachu also has more fans than others. In the original game Pokemon Go is actually you can act as a Pikachu, but there are special tricks to get it. Here’s the easiest way or trick to get the role of Pikachu in Pokemon Go.

Login and select a role

When you first log into Pokemon Go, a professor will give you 3 choices of roles, there will be no choice Pikachu in three roles, provided is Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

His first trick is to not choose any of the three roles, but try to move away from the three roles in a way to go as far as possible (step predication yes) until you get out of the zone Pokemon election, GPS monitor you to see the range.

Discover Pikachu

Once you are far enough apart and this is outside of the zones election pokemon role, you will be meilhat three roles will disappear and then reappear with additional Pikachu, so there will be four roles that appear.

Usually this trick can be successful and can also fail, if it fails please try again with mengulaingi this way, our experience can succeed in three tries.

The first time we do this trick again see three roles without Pikachu, but after repeating it again, Pikachu appear and was not in vain, immediately select him and proved successful.

It is not certain whether this is indeed the secret Pokemon Pikachu Go deliberately hide from the electoral role, or whether this is a bug Pokemon Go that has not been repaired, so this trick does not guarantee success in the future.

The trick is actually very easy to do by anyone, but yes, like it, is not always immediately successful greeting one action.

If only there were always fail in this trick then it means the presence of Pikachu in this trick is caused by a bug and has been updated by the developer Pokemon Go, do not be discouraged, in addition to the role of Pikachu is also very exciting and would not eliminate the fun of hunting in Pokecoins freebies.

That tips on getting the role of Pikachu in Pokemon Go which is proving successful as long as there is no improvement and update stating that it is a bug or error.

Hopefully useful and always be careful in playing Pokemon Go, do not forget time and be aware that many accidents occur due to negligence because this cool game