A Tour To help Rajasthan Your Stretch of land Of Braveness, Colors And additionally Celebrations

A Tour To help Rajasthan: Your Stretch of land Of Braveness, Colors And additionally Celebrations!

For ones those that wish to investigate this ways of this noble way of living with yester years, Rajasthan is a good spot for a get pleasure from this. Your visit to Rajasthan delivers some glance in the majestic former within the rulers with the territory while using silver fine sand, and you can observe they will enjoyed a societal pomp and political potential.

A Tour To help Rajasthan Your Stretch of land Of Braveness, Colors And additionally Celebrations
A Tour To help Rajasthan Your Stretch of land Of Braveness, Colors And additionally Celebrations

Rajasthan could be the site that’s conserved her beyond inside liveliest fashion. It will be easier to work out a imprints within the bygone period of time inside the the majority accessible strategy probable, and see the same exact way of living which has been this characteristic with rulers of Rajasthan.

Within your go Rajasthan, will be possible to discover a great deal around Asia despite the fact that taking advantage of camel safari, viewing the well-known together with historically important forts, palaces together with exploring this wild everyday life with Of india inside liveliest fashion possible.

A Rajasthan family trip visit to help need a very good way to enjoy a person’s leisure family trip whereas going to vacation spots enjoy Ajmer, Alwar, Bharatpur, Bikaner, Bundi, Chittraurgarh, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaiselmer, Jhalawar, Kota, Attach Abu, Pushkar, Ranakpur, Sariska in addition to Ranthambore.

The list of that choice points out the simplest way easily you can benefit from just with the escape with superb process when you will have wide selection of choices to find pleasures. Should you be some nature-lover, Rajasthan pores and skin look spot that you take pleasure in and additionally find out about Native american rough outdoors lifetime as a result of Keoladeo Country wide Recreation area with Bharatpur Bird Private area.

Ranthambore in addition to Sariska State Areas are legendary with regard to all of the wild lifetime, like abdominal muscles exotic, successful, easily along with fearless Indian Gambling. Sariska together with Ranthambore usually are proclaimed tiger woods stores where one can get pleasure from looking at this particular really wonderful mad types of Major Kittens and additionally take it by way of a person’s cameras.

Jaipur could be the capitol with Rajasthan, it’s legendary while using the brand Yellow City because of the a lot of colour with the flagstones which has been applied as soon as creating the ft and inter-city of Jaipur.

It can be a attractive community which happens to be extremely organized, a particular location to see to get a passionate escape. Examples of the certain destination involving Jaipur is usually Ruby Fort, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Town Palace along with Ram memory Bagh Construction. Jaipur can be a advanced town associated with The indian subcontinent demonstrating vibrant hues of American native customs.

So that they can know the relationship in the deserts while taking advantage of the actual flavor involving wasteland, you will want to proceed towards Jodhpur, Jaiselmer and additionally Bikaner.

Methods for Easiest Weight reduction

In case you are in search of advise for swiftest weight loss diet points you have come for the appropriate spot. These, we’ve advocated you examples of the powerful methods for most effective weight reduction eating plan. A lot of most effective weight reduction plan plans in addition to plans are around for most people. Simply, you need to go to several sites to obtain entire and right information about those weight reduction eating plan plans. Applying most convenient weight reduction program is an easy, secure, absolutely free and useful method losing your excess fat. Choosing the ultimate weight loss program plan will be an easiest way to reduce excess weight, additional information just click here meal plan to lose weight
Regardless how calming your nature is usually, in regards to a fight with bulging fat after that you’ll want to put up a preferred gentle.

Fat loss not only on forces you to glimpse and feel top, what’s more, it augments future health. Proper bodyweight reduces your options available with developing serious well being problems prefer heart ailment and also diabetes. If your primary very last eating plan trial period isn’t a success then obtaining dejected. The main element is usually to search for an idea, which works with particular person necessities with the overall body so, that you can to be able to avoid general diet regime dangers quite helping to make long term changes in lifestyle, which aid anyone in looking for long term and healthy weight loss financial success. Whenever you like the normal lifestyle prefer dwelling become fruit and vegetables, normal foodstuff and additionally doing some fishing through your own efforts after that detoxifying diet can be what exactly you want. Detox weight loss plan is produced to take out hazardous supplies in the overall body. Most effective weight loss program plans are offered on the internet to your reference. have more information go to. 16
As a consequence of a lot of substances, which can be included in environment, several people state some detoxifying diet program is definitely important for top level well-being. By using cleansing healthy eating plan, your body rids again from toxins by means of skin combined with lung area. Diet is usually associated with some other of utilizing holistic tactics enjoy current administration from a, muscle stimulation along with vitamins and minerals. It is possible that you can get rid of excess your weight along with detoxification eating plan just by observing several eating tips and the idea. Taking in plenty of mineral water can be an additional swiftest tactic to get slimmer.
You must observe diet plans, for you to enjoy together with which you can comply with easily. Eating plan ought to be lacking in transfats in addition to all kinds of sugar and rich in required protein in addition to fiber. Health care provider can provide you idea concerning what kinds foods tend to be nutritious solutions. It is best to read eating plan labels at foodstuff plans prior to deciding to acquire him or her. When you require assistance within knowledge trademarks, it is possible to inquire health practitioner to clarify him or her. Sugar-sweetened drinks enjoy fruit drinks, athletic beverages, and additionally electrical power cold drinks together with juice add a lot of glucose as well as high fat calories to be able to eating plan. Nonetheless; other hydrated is extremely important for the well being. Replacement Anti- caloric flavored normal water, unsweetened tea leaf, diet program soda along with liquid to get sweetened cocktails. Support of your mates in addition to members of your family tends to make a person’s staying on a diet painless. You’ll want to choose the best eating plan to assist you inside melting away your weight swiftly.

Rapid loss of weight lose weight programs can be on line which you could talk about get rid of your excess fat fast. Weight reduction plan packages can be bought internet, which are usually especially specifically for a good target weight loss involving 10 to help 17 Ibs invest in. It’s going to improve a thinking together with experiencing as a result of detox systematic influences with diet weightloss routine. A performance involving weight loss diet approach can be this nutrition tried uses up several calories as opposed to they provide for a physical structure in caloric benefits. This treatment plan could possibly be chosen as much since you like with no risk from difficulties. That is designed for flushing your whole body with impurities combined with provides people inner thoughts involving wellness. Right after weeks time, people will quickly believe lighter weight like you will be lesser by 10 Ibs minimum amount. You have loads of strength and in many cases an enhanced predisposition.

6 Activity Fun When You Are Trapped Loss

You know, right when the road to the Peak area during holidays always jammed? If not jammed, it’s not peak. Well, the name of a traffic jam would make boredom and stress. Instead of high blood pressure due to emotions, you’d better try seven exciting activities when stuck in traffic following. Can make your trip so much fun,


1. Tweak the phone

Mobile it has become an important item in our lives. Instead of fitting jammed, nervous meeting gebetan wrote directly looking down staring at the phone. Though only ngeliatin wallpaper, tuh.
With a cell phone, you can browse places to eat or good accommodation in Puncak. So as soon as you arrive, already know where to go deh. Tired of missing, was added carefree holiday.

2. Sing as much with people one car

Singing has been proven to reduce stress. So that more exciting, all wrote to play quiz guess the song. Try to sing a song with a totally different tone. Invite your family or friends in the car to guess the title of the song you sing.

3. chatback another motorist

Hundreds of vehicles stuck in traffic in the exit lane highway toward the area of Puncak, Bogor jagorawi in Ciawi, Bogor, West Java, on Wednesday (1/1). Total traffic jam at the toll lanes along the 3 km as the impact of the closing track to the summit for more than 5 hours to allow the rider from the top to the Jakarta who celebrate New Year’s Eve. AFP PHOTO / Jafkhairi / pd / 13
Open the car window, waving to the car next to you. If you are ignored, it’s gone it’s nothing. His name also lives. Some accepted, sometimes rejected. But if they want to chat with, new friends you grow, deh.

4. Snacking

Jams would make hungry. Many are selling food on the street towards the Peak area. There taro, gemblong, you know, until peuyeum (tape). It must be nice, snacking tuh pas traffic jam. A full stomach, the person who sells too happy. Drinking set, yes. Bad if you’re dying for a pee but the gas station is still far away.

5. Small Sports

Not that you have to jog up to the peak or yoga middle of the road. Try, deh do light stretching in the car. Straighten your legs, swivel-swivel joints. Besides relieving boredom, stretching can also improve blood circulation. The holidays should remain healthy, right?

6. Sleep

Still bored too? They say, sleep was a runaway best. So, take advantage of your time to sleep. Later, after arriving at the summit, you can move in fresh condition, deh. The person who gets to drive do not go to sleep, yes

Update Latest Hero Castle Clash 2016

Hallo guys clasher players, how are you today? hopefully in a healthy always yes. thanks in advance’ve always been in this simple blog.

I was almost more than 3 years of playing the game on this one, since I know this game fit in the beginning of the game I always tongkrongin tuh waiting for buildings to be completed. Sometimes it is because guns patient, I like to use diamonds to speed up the building.

Since then, many heroes legend that is popping up like cupid, pumpkin duke and the other legend hero. Well, this time I will try to review the guys back some hero legend and capabilities that have been updated since the beginning of 2016 until the month of July this yesterday.

For those who already have the legend hero, huh guys could share about the advantages and disadvantages of each hero with comment below this article castle clash hack gems for hero

Well, here’s a list of heroes releases from January to July 2016 ya guys:

1. Arctica ➳ Legend



Hero’s release yesterday 6 januari 2016

Hero is perfect in every battle because

DMG has 10 seconds ➳ enemy on the front

➳ freeze enemies and buildings 10 seconds

➳ remove a buff

➳ Stop enemy in 6 seconds

Note: Hero legend this one can only be obtained through the same events with Moltanica. So it can not use GEMS ya guys.

2. Valentina ➳ Legend

For info legend that one can click on the link here ya guys

3. Phantom King ➳ legend



Released 14 March 2016

Hero legend this one was again much sought after today, because of the ability have is WOW ya guys. Hero legend this one has the ability to:

➳ DMG high capability and reduce energy random enemy.

➳ Mmepunyai recovery capabilities quickly and avoid enemy attacks.

However, to get the legend hero of this one, you need to collect 20000 shard ya guys can also use gems …..

4. Beast tamer ➳ legend

Released 11 April 2016

Hero legend this one has a good skill, ability of this legend is:

➳ between DMG and ATK same that X% for the nearest enemy

DMG ➳ take more than X%

The hero can only use the gems ya guys reroll

5. Lady leo ➳ legend

Released 10 May 2016

legend this one as the name suggests women lion is strong, and should be owned. because this hero has:

➳ DMG equal to X% ATK enemy targets near X seconds for X seconds

Lay ➳ hero for X seconds

➳ Level 8 this hero has turned into protective body and cooldown for X seconds

Tips for Choosing a lens to Capture the Moment When Traveling

For those of you who have managed to overcome the confusion selecting a camera, may be the next question arises: Must buy lens what, huh? Because, as good-good camera you have, if baseball was offset by a good lens of course the result will be mediocre. For that, let’s follow the discussion of these lenses.

Woman wearing hat taking photograph
Woman wearing hat taking photograph


Almost all the existing cameras are equipped with a congenital lens (kit). On average, a variety of well-known camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji and Olympus provides a kit lens, standard zoom with a range of 18-55 mm. Sometimes there are on the other lens options. As the first lens / beginning, the kit lens is enough for you guys who are just learning.

Types of Lenses Before You Go

Wide Angle – usually a lens with a range below 50 mm would be categorized as a wide-angle lens (wide angle). This lens is suitable for photographing scenery or large object.
Fisheye – this is a special wide-angle lens that provides a convex effect on photographic results.
Telephoto – usually a lens with a range above 70 mm will be categorized as a telephoto lens. These lenses are used to record objects that are a short distance by the photographer, but we can still get the details.
Zoom – lenses that can be used to change the zoom range from wide to or vice versa.
Fixed length – does not have a zoom feature, but it has a crystal clear image quality due to the use of the lens elements are few and mostly have openings (diaphragm) were great.
Macro – lens that can focus on objects that are very close to the lens.
Well, Here’s 3 Things You Need to Notice When Choosing a Lens
1. Note the aperture (f-number)
The aperture determines how much light coming through the lens, and also affects the focus and depth of the object to be photographed. Well, f-number itself is the size determines the size of the diaphragm. Can be started from f 1.2 (only focus on the object) to f 22 (all that there will be photographed in focus).
2. Select Zoom / Focal Length
This has implications for how could a lens can zoom in and zoom out. For example, a wide angle lens starts from 10-14 mm (for example ultra wide lens is a fisheye lens) and a telephoto lens can be above 300 mm (for zooming from distant objects). You need to choose which suit your needs when traveling.
3. How Weight
There are many lenses which can produce nice photos, but very heavy to carry. And of course, the weight will be more difficult to carry while traveling. So, you can compare several types of lenses to determine the appropriate needs.

How To Easily Get Pikachu in Pokemon Go

Mid 2016 Go Pokemon games are very popular all over the country, no longer need to wonder why this game became so popular that it might explode, because this type of game might be the first time there, which actually combines the real world and the virtual world.

Pokemon Go is successful in the tumultuous world of gaming in almost all countries. Previously, we’ve discussed how to guide to playing Pokemon Go for a complete beginner, please read here: How to play Pokemon Go up to be.

As with Pokemon movie, there are a few roles there that have the character of each, whether what is special about the role of Pikachu, the obvious role is highly desired by prospective players Pokemon Go.

Easy Tips to Get the Most Pikachu Pokemon Go

Indeed in the film and the comic serial Pikachu also has more fans than others. In the original game Pokemon Go is actually you can act as a Pikachu, but there are special tricks to get it. Here’s the easiest way or trick to get the role of Pikachu in Pokemon Go.

Login and select a role

When you first log into Pokemon Go, a professor will give you 3 choices of roles, there will be no choice Pikachu in three roles, provided is Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur.

His first trick is to not choose any of the three roles, but try to move away from the three roles in a way to go as far as possible (step predication yes) until you get out of the zone Pokemon election, GPS monitor you to see the range.

Discover Pikachu

Once you are far enough apart and this is outside of the zones election pokemon role, you will be meilhat three roles will disappear and then reappear with additional Pikachu, so there will be four roles that appear.

Usually this trick can be successful and can also fail, if it fails please try again with mengulaingi this way, our experience can succeed in three tries.

The first time we do this trick again see three roles without Pikachu, but after repeating it again, Pikachu appear and was not in vain, immediately select him and proved successful.

It is not certain whether this is indeed the secret Pokemon Pikachu Go deliberately hide from the electoral role, or whether this is a bug Pokemon Go that has not been repaired, so this trick does not guarantee success in the future.

The trick is actually very easy to do by anyone, but yes, like it, is not always immediately successful greeting one action.

If only there were always fail in this trick then it means the presence of Pikachu in this trick is caused by a bug and has been updated by the developer Pokemon Go, do not be discouraged, in addition to the role of Pikachu is also very exciting and would not eliminate the fun of hunting in Pokecoins freebies.

That tips on getting the role of Pikachu in Pokemon Go which is proving successful as long as there is no improvement and update stating that it is a bug or error.

Hopefully useful and always be careful in playing Pokemon Go, do not forget time and be aware that many accidents occur due to negligence because this cool game

Safety Tips While Touring

Is a normal thing when you have a particular bike, then you join one club or similar motorcycle community.Because, aside from adding friends, join a community / motorcycle club brings many benefits, one of which is that we can know more information about the motor is used. So if you’re having trouble with the motor problems encountered, at least you can share it with friends club.


As a motorist, you know that driving a motorcycle himself with riding a motorcycle in a group / group is very different. When your own motorhome, you can control your own pace and were able to use the attention to look ahead and anticipate. But it’s different when you’re driving in a group (eg touring). Well, consider the following tips for those who often drive the motor in a group / groups:

Always look in the rearview mirror and wait

  • By far, the most important thing that must be remembered when you are driving a motor in a group is to always check the rearview mirror from time to time to see if the other riders behind you are still there or not.
  • When you lose someone, stop! You can stop anywhere, but try to find a safe place. To be safe, always check three or four people behind you.
  • If you become a rider in front and realized that there are few people left, you have to decide a U-turn to check what happened. If there is a problem, try someone else in your group know.

Strive to create a small group

  • In most cases, it is recommended to have not so much the number of people in a group. The groups will meet when eating, drinking, or refuel. Figures are ideal for a group should consist of 5-6 riders.
  • Do not forget that you also mentioned that there would be a separate group. This sub-group must have at least one rider who memorized the street or road conditions to create a meeting point with other groups.

The most experienced rider must be in front

  • A rider who should be the most experienced group leader when traveling. Typically, this experienced rider who knows how fast he had to drive so that the other party not to miss. He must also see more of the rearview mirror to make sure his entourage in the intact condition.
  • While it is important also the last rider in the lineup knows the route well. The reason, he could monitor anyone behind and help you get back to the group.

Maintain a distance

  • Remember to always keep a distance, especially when you’re just behind the first rider. He may forget to turn left or right, so that you can predict the movement of a sudden he does.

Control yourself

  • One to keep in mind when you are riding a motorcycle in a group is always responsible on the speed of your motor. Always follow the rhythm of the speed in your group, and try not to make things that can injure yourself and others in the group.
  • If you want to catch up, do it for sure. Previous course you also have to ensure the speed and the road situation before you do.

Special formations if possible

  • Strive to establish  Staggered Formation  (formation lined up in two rows) when you and a group through a long, straight streets.

Well, that’s some safety tips when touring motorbike. Surely, if still give priority to the principle of  Safety Riding , touring trip with friends club / community will be more enjoyable.


I’ve often to Bali and of the many, the one-way trip to Nusa Lembongan. Just two days one night anyway, would still feel less old. Want again to Nusa Lembongan, because the island’s atmosphere is quiet and beautiful-beautiful beaches.


Those who want honeymoon really suitable, scoot fast cruise lembongan select the hotel that has a great view to the beach  wrote enjoy sights. The above photo I took while in Pandana Boutique Hotel. the landscape? Can see day cruises that take travelers.


The beaches should not be asked again how beauty. Bali there could still when it comes to tourism in Indonesia. The total number of flights to and from Ngurah Rai Airport is probably the busiest in Indonesia. Also relatively inexpensive plane tickets from anywhere. Flights from Jakarta could be dozens of times a day.

Of Sanur, we can take a fast boat to Nusa Lembongan within half an hour. directly to Nusa Lembongan Mushroom Beach welcomed the forgiveness-forgiveness.


Well, but the difference with Bali mainland, on the island of Nusa Lembongan is not no rental car . The existence of the rental motorcycle and bicycle rental. Because the island is small enough, can really in two days around the entire island of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan once. But if you want content to enjoy all the best tourism object, it must spend more time.


Most of the tourists are to Nusa Lembongan are foreign tourists. very local tourists that I saw to cross from Bali to Nusa Lembongan this. If you want to see a new atmosphere in Bali, try streets to Nusa Lembongan this.

Because I used Keith satisfied, they want again later to Nusa Lembongan.There are still many who have not seen and try there. What are they?

1. Enjoy Nusa Lembongan Fun Day Cruises
This is my main dream when to Nusa Lembongan (again). Climb aboard the big, can snorkel , lunch BBQ aboard, try banana boat, tour to the village in Lembongan, see beautiful scenery under the sea of glass bottom board, even doing this ship is also equipped with a jacuzzi and a water slide from the upper deck directly into the water. Wow !

2. Go to Goa Gala-Gala


An underground house built by Made Vyasa, complete with living room, bathroom and kitchen is interesting for a visit. As I to Nusa Lembongan last year, actually want to stop by, but access to the entry of a relatively small, it is still difficult for my child. Later if there is a chance to get there again, I’m going in.

3. Navigating Mangrove Boat Ride


Mangrove touring also want me try, although the kayak in the Thousand Islands near Jakarta also exist. Because there are children under five, which relaxes travel that fits really do together. Rates tour it is about one hundred thousand rupiah, cheap fun.

4. Enjoy the Beautiful Sunset at Jungut Batu With Distant View of Mount Agung


Jungut stones are usually used to stay tourists backpacker . With a limited budget, lodges can be found quite easily. I have not been to this area when browsing Lembongan, and was struck with a photo that I found, that the sunset at Batu Jungut area is very beautiful. Love. Love Love.

5. stay at Le Pirates Ceningan


From the first first time a lot of browsing-browsing on Nusa Lembongan, I’ve ngincer hotel this one. But it was selling really and I ran out of room. It makes stay in Pandana Boutique. If later to Nusa Lembongan, want to find a schedule that still vacant rooms in Le Pirates this.

6. Nyari Secret Beach and Kayak Pris Bikin Keren photos and Eve


Wait. I laughed out loud for now. Better to laugh than first, right?. Anyway want to make a picture like that, either can or baseball. If Secret Beach can ya if intentions, Ceningan was smaller than in Nusa Lembongan, right? wrote it I want to buy a property for the first bikini photos of gorgeous later.

7. Hang Gorgeous Sandy Bay Beach Club

This place is still imagine shadows in my brain. If you look at my photo again carrying Diana being njaprut above, well, that there place. Just slide. the same reefs in the same photo again this pool? Only the difference is me free, so outside the beach club of his. Oiya, want glospa also at Sandy Bay.

8. Coffee in Bali Eco Deli Restaurant is hanging out in sequence number 3 on the list of best Tripadvisor. The price offered for a cup of coffee is still reasonable, around two thirty thousand rupiah. Not too expensive, too, right? So so-so if the afternoon before the sunset, enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake used in the Bali Eco Deli.

9. Photo Pura
His first visit to Nusa Lembongan ago, not even when I popped into the temple.Ceningan see fit in the group that runs out of the temple to pray, I just saw in the course of course, totally not approached, because it, going back and forth to the hotel. So Keith legitimate taste.

10. Make Awesome Threesome Photographs in Nusa Lembongan
Whenever the streets, most of the photos are Diana and her father. Look deh, my photo at Diana Diana again their pas-sleep and waking. It was then that Diana stuck to my fitting, because if more cheerful, his father who ngawasin task, and I became a photographer. Well, now there is already a GoPro, so want Selfi-Selfi pretty ubiquitous three.


Hi , surely you’d driven using the engine. Vehicles that are very common in Indonesia because in addition to its affordability, but also very efficient when driving through the streets in various fields; either large or narrow streets. Especially for those of you who live in the capital Jakarta or surrounding area which is often jammed. For those of you who like driving long distances or have a desire to do Touring by motorcycle, here are some tips on how to be safe when doing Touring remotely using a motor.



State vehicles that will reduce the risk of accidents or their strike on the road. Do not forget Touring a week before you do, make sure it is thoroughly check the vehicle; batteries, tires, spark plugs, front & rear brakes, chains etc. Clean the motor that will be used for your comfort when driving.


Completeness of a vehicle is one important thing to be checked. Fittings include drivers’ licenses and ID cards. It aims guard when suddenly there was inspection of vehicles on the road. Moreover, as good citizens should always comply with applicable laws for the sake of convenience and safety.


Various security tools of the body such as helmets, motorcycle jackets, boots, gloves, protective masks until the knee is very necessary for your safety when driving. This can reduce the risk of having a physical disability when the accident undesirable. To be sure, using such equipment can minimize our body from various hazards and keep your body fit while driving.


Healthy less fit is one of the factors why the frequent accidents on the road. Make sure your physical and mental condition fully fit before carrying out long-distance travel. This will greatly affect your focus and concentration when driving. Consumption of nutritious food and also if necessary take vitamins so that when driving, physical condition really ready to drive for hours to travel long distances.


When you travel a long distance, make sure luggage is taken not too much so it can be annoying when driving. Bring items only as needed. When you need to attach a special baggage on the back of your motor to load your belongings, such as purses, water, food, or even spare backup. Prepare an empty bag if you plan to buy souvenirs. But, if the souvenirs are indeed many and distracting when driving, it is better to send goods using courier services nearby.


Touring Before you leave, be sure to re-check luggage and their vehicles the day before departure. It minimizes the negligence that resulted in important items left behind or any part of the motor suddenly damaged. Make sure all the equipment and the condition of your motor ready to go fast splitting streets.


When you drive long distances, soreness will certainly be felt after a few hours of riding without a break. Actually, accidents often occur due to negligence of the driver who was tired so lacking in focus.So, take a moment to rest was just to eat, drink, or even a quick nap in the resort / POM Gasoline for recharge that began drained.

Gili Island, where the best diving and snorkeling

Hello lovers of diving, white sand and clear water let us visit the Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia, a paradise for divers and snorkeling. The island is located in the northwest of Lombok, surrounded by coral reefs and three small islands are: Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan , coupled with crystal clear waters make it look beautiful scenery outstanding.


Generally many foreign tourists who visit bali to gili island tourist sites, natural atmosphere of the beach plus natural nature makes them a moment to forget the tension in their daily lives are crowded and noisy.

There are many tour options that we can enjoy here, for example:

  • You can rent snorkeling equipment
  • Take a diving course or dive directly
  • Surfing kayak
  • Fishing or rent a glass bottom boat to see the underwater scenery

In each island there is a diving school with a program that is designed for both beginners and who are experts.

There are more than 6,000 species of marine life that live very close to the beach which allows not only diving and snorkeling, but fishing can be fun on this island.

Gili Trawangan  may be the island’s largest and most popular islands, it can be seen from the many hotels, bars and restaurants that are there. More travelers are spending time here to enjoy the beach and have fun with their own group or make a small rapid.

If you want a quieter spot on the island, in the northern part you can get because there is deliberately focused on a calmer atmosphere.

Gili Air is closest to the island of Lombok, a more densely populated but also more wooded, the population here is more friendly because most of the original inhabitants work as fishermen, boatmen and also worked on the farm. One thing is for sure you can not perform activities of diving in the western part of Gili Air.

Gili Meno is an island middle and the smallest of the three Gili and quieter with the least population of tourists here, many tourists choose this island as a honeymoon. Point of tourism in this island is a salt lake and dive sites such as Meno Wall, Sea Turtle Point and Blue Coral.